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H.P. Blavatsky and Koot Hoomi on Distinguishing between the True and the False

Jan 15, 2003 10:00 AM
by D. H. Caldwell " <>

H.P. Blavatsky and Koot Hoomi on Distinguishing between the True and 
the False


Madame Blavatsky wrote in THE KEY TO THEOSOPHY:

"Look around you and observe. While two-thirds of civilized society 
ridicule the mere notion that there is anything in Theosophy, 
Occultism, Spiritualism, or in the Kabala, the other third is 
composed of the most heterogeneous and opposite elements. Some 
believe in the mystical, and even in the supernatural (!), but each 
believes in his own way. Others will rush single-handed into the 
study of the Kabala, Psychism, Mesmerism, Spiritualism, or some form 
or another of Mysticism. Result: no two men think alike, no two are 
agreed upon any fundamental occult principles, though many are those 
who claim for themselves the ultima thule of knowledge, and would 
make outsiders believe that they are full-blown adepts. . . . Some 
limit ancient wisdom to the Kabala and the Jewish Zohar. . . . Others 
regard Swedenborg or Boehme as the ultimate expression of the highest 
wisdom; while others again see in mesmerism the great secret of 
ancient magic. One and all of those who put their theory into 
practice are rapidly drifting, through ignorance, into black magic. 
Happy are those who escape from it, as they have neither test nor 
criterion by which they can distinguish between the true and the 
false. . . . A portion of the true [Esoteric] sciences is better than 
a mass of undigested and misunderstood learning. An ounce of gold is 
worth a ton of dust. . . . "

Quoted from:


Mahatma Koot Hoomi in a letter to A.P. Sinnett wrote:

". . . You have heard of and read about a good many Seers, in the 
past and present centuries, such as Swedenborg, Boehme, and others. 
Not one among the number but thoroughly honest, sincere, and as 
intelligent, as well educated; aye, even learned. Each of them in 
addition to these qualities, has or had . . . a 'Guardian' and a 
Revelator -- under whatever 'mystery' and 'mystic name' -- whose 
mission it is -- or has been to spin out to his spiritual ward -- a 
new system embracing all the details of the world of Spirit. Tell me, 
my friend, do you know of two that agree? And why, since truth is 
one, and that putting entirely the question of discrepancies in 
details aside -- we do not find them agreeing even upon the most 
vital problems -- those that have either 'to be, or not to be' -- and 
of which there can be no two solutions? . . . "

". . . Vainly do your modern seers and their prophetesses, creep into 
every cleft and crevice without outlet or continuity they chance to 
see; and still more vainly, when once within do they lift up their 
voices and loudly cry: 'Eureka! We have gotten a revelation from the 
Lord!' --- for verily have they nothing of the kind. They have 
disturbed but bats, less blind their intruders; who, feeling them 
flying about, mistake them as often for angels  as they too have 

Quoted from:


Stainton Moses, a "seer" and medium of the 1880s wrote to A.P. 

". . . my inner spirit-sense is opened. Only yesterday . . . Imper
[ator] . . . was clearly visible and audible to me. . . . "

To this comment by Stainton Moses [S.M.], Koot Hoomi wrote:

". . . So is Jesus and John the Baptist [clearly visible and audible] 
to Edward Maitland; [who is] as true and as honest and sincere as 
S.M. . . . And does not E. Maitland see Hermes the first and second 
and Elijah, etc. Finally does not Mrs. [Anna] Kingsford feel as sure 
as S.M. with regard to + [Imperator] that she saw and conversed with 
God!! . . . And who purer or more truthful than that woman or 
Maitland! Mystery, mystery will you exclaim. IGNORANCE we answer; the 
creation of that we believe in and want to see. . . . "

Quoted from:

Daniel H. Caldwell

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