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Re: Theos-World re mystical experiences, John, Whoever ...

Jan 14, 2003 02:00 PM
by samblo

Thanks for your response and comments. One thing I notice is that you 
"Karma" where I have not made mention of it in places of your response.

Well, in the context of my Purush(Light) experience most of us would view 
this as
"Mystical" in a general context encompassing a wide variety of possible 
individuals may come to experience. Due to innate differentiation and 
which we each participate in temporally they isolate to the person. In 
transition from
Unity Inhibition is process so mayavic individuation can be experienced. 
Certainly to
be sure there are myriad experiences even as already stated by many 
members of this list and group. Some have said they have had hundreds of
experiences, and I have no reason to challenge as I know by direct 
experience that
at least for me it is true. Historically take which ever Lineage of 
Religious Tradition 
and you will find those who attest, describe, and certify to not some 
categorized, stereotyped intuitive, insightful, Noetic, or even Astral 
experience, but
individual matrix and context of the moment often filters, monitors, and 
governs what
the individual receptivity apprehends. The Testimony of Mankind's 
Religious, Yoga,
Ascetic and Psychical individuals assert and insist these are possible 
for Mankind.
the Rig Veda, Veda's, Upanishads, Purana's, Karika's and Sutra's all 
assert the same.
Differentiation also implies stratification and in regard to "Experiences" 
there are many
and manifold categories and types. So I guess it revolves around "Truth" 
or "Lie,"
none, one, many, all told the Truth or Lied. The only way one can know is 
first person or if residuals of the past ripen in the moment of the 
eternal Now for each
person to inform, expand and uplift their consciousness.

As far as "communications," Blavatsky lists and explains in depth the 
many forms
and types and what the context is, and where of they originate, it is a 
good guide. 

Some experiences deal with the expansion of consciousness such as the 
expansion of the cakra's and may be visible to one as a unique living 

In Buddhism some of the Sutra's were stated to have been given to the 
on another plane of Being by Being on that plane and then when returned to 
consciousness was recited or recorded for dispensation. So there a many 
forms and
types of context a "communication" can be found to be.

In some UFO experiences the "experiencer" or those about have been told 
"this is
for the benefit of your mind" meaning a context that the mind itself will 
be able to have
receptive of due to it's intrinsic state and context as found.

Yes, the mind occludes and is the veil, but the premise is that each 
innately and primordially has the seed of the Tahtagatabarbha as basis of 
, penetration coupled with the Work, Karma, Residual and Holding of 
Precepts is aided
so that Transformation Sudden or Gradual can take place. I always 
recommend the
"Yoga Sutra of Patanjali."

In regard to your "multiplistic reality may I point to the following Sutra?



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