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Re: Theos-World Standard of Truth?

Jan 14, 2003 12:38 PM
by teos9

In a message dated 1/14/2003 11:07:15 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

> Very nice essay, Zack.
> In my opinion, The Society of Theosophy (in each of its near-religious
> forms) appears dogmatic and the stench of dead carcass is all that wafts
> from it. However, the movement (a loose and near-all-inclusive term for
> those individuals and groups who consider themselves theosophists by HPB's
> own definition) seems to be the only hope to "burst asunder the iron 
> fetters
> of creeds and dogmas." Of course the first iron fetters that must be
> respectfully burst are those that chain us exclusively to HPB and the
> masters of her era. While this may appear as a conundrum it is the only 
> way
> that one can "be a light unto oneself."
> regards,
> Bill

Hello all,

I discovered Theosophy in 1959 and have been an avid student, informally, as 
a semi-permanent fixture in libraries, bookstores and lodges, as well as a 
card carrying member of TSA. I held office In the TS Boston throughout the 
80's. In all that time, I cannot remember a single moment that has been free 
of this sort of dissension and bickering, most often, amongst learned 
theosophists. In private conversations with Dora Kunz, Joy Mills, Dorothy 
Abbenhouse and assorted representatives of other TS Movement groups, I 
received what amounts to a primer, in Theosophical bias. It soon became 
apparent to me that the perception of "wrongs" from leader to leader and TS 
group to TS Group, is unrepairable by the present generation of Theosophists, 
due to LACK OF WILL!!! Since very few Theosophist have developed the ability 
to see THEOSOPHY wherever it appears and TRUE THEOSOPHY (as in Divine Wisdom) 
can appear everywhere, then what we are left with is the rigid Theosophical 
myopia of our present interpreters of the party line. 

I must ask, once a person has been spiritually moved, indeed awakened, by a 
particularly inspiring piece of Theosophical writing. Once the Soul Note of 
Theosophy is sounded and grasped, who amongst us has the right to determine 
the parameters of further search for that resonance? Why can't one find 
profound inspiration in a line or two from Besant, Bailey, Leadbeater, K, as 
well as HPB herself? Is there no redeeming value in all of the works of past, 
present and future Theosophical Writers? A single exceptional moment of 
inspiration and vision can transform a life forever. Who dares to say where, 
when or how that moment, will appear. 

I fully understand the need to adhere to the policies laid out by the various 
TS groups and mailing lists. But nowhere, do those policies exclude the need 
for ongoing, enlightened, exploratory conversation and civil discourse. 
Surely we can lift the tone of our dialogue just a bit.

Best to everyone,


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