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re "personal God," Nick, Bill, BAG, and ...

Jan 14, 2003 10:58 AM
by Mauri

Nick wrote: <<Better to have lived a christian life until 
you die. Then if there is a God you are ok, and if there 
isn't well there's the rub!>>

I read somewhere that those who cultivate a particuclar 
religion or set of values will, after passing to "the other 
side," find themselves with like-minded people, and that 
such people tend to keep on cultivating their own and each 
others' beliefs. In other words, those who are prone to 
believing in some kind of "personal God" (whatever that 
means!) and have a tendency to reify, in general, are likely 
to stay on that kind of mayavic path, (apparently?), until ... 
whatever ...

So how does one escape from karma and maya? Maybe 
by way of tips from such as Mahayana Buddhism? Or 
how about Mahayana Theosophy? Anyway, I think 
reading between the lines seems to help, for a start ...


PS If one has trouble reading between the lines, what 
then? Maybe the "personal God" might be somewhat 
better than ... ^:-) ... (^scratch, ^scratch) hmm ....

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