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re mystical experiences, John, Whoever ...

Jan 14, 2003 08:38 AM
by Mauri

John wrote: << As for myself I had a "Sudden" 
experience back in the late 1970s while sitting in a lecture 
on Purush-Prakrit being given at that time by a now 
infrequent poster of this very list. Some point was made in 
the discourse that I, intent and focused in my internal 
energy and mind related too with the rising of a
thought which produces a cognition which produced the 
"Sudden", to my personal reality the room, all the hearers 
of the Lecture, the Lecturer, the building, the city, the
ceased to be, instantly replaced with the boundless 
beautiful Light intense yet not hurtful to seeingness as I at 
the moment or non-moment had no perceptual form at all
but simply Be-ness. At the first movement of my mind 
giving rise to thought I was then instantly back in the 
lecture. But with the reality and remembrance of the
Great Light forever to remain and remind.>>

That might be what's generally known as a "mystical 
experience," I'm guessing. But I'm wondering about what 
kinds of mystical experiences people might've had in the 
last hundred years or so that include some kind of 
communication. Occurs to me that there might be some 
people on these lists who might have some interest in, or 
information about, how such sudden, unexpected, 
light-related communications might relate to a Theosophic 
worldview. That is, apparently there are experiences (by 
whatever name) involving communications, as well as 
experiences that, at least in retrospect, seem not to have 
involved any particular or "apparent-enough" memories 
about communications. So occurs to me that if 
Theosophists are interested in how "higher mind/manas" 
functions, wouldn't such experiences offer some clues?
That is, for example, would such experiences tend to be 
affected by cultural standards, beliefs, much as the "UFO" 
experiences seem have evolved along cultural lines, rather 
than independently ...

<<Some have mentioned the word "Faith," the Gnostics 
defined Faith as the direct personal first person experience 
of such events, and when having had that they then had 
the "Basis" of "Faith" which is the element of Gnosis.>>

Sounds interesting. And Theosophists might be interested 
in getting more info about the nature of "such events"...
But if "such events" were references to some kinds of 
"nondualistic" experiences, then naturally dualistic 
discriptions of them would tend to fall flat ...

<<The problem is that we exist in a Paradox. What is is, 
and we also. The lower mind has the design limitation that 
makes content dependent of Form context as part of the
innate result is that all constructs that attempt to inform 
about non-form is inverted to what the mind in it's 
supervisory capacity deigns as appropriate context and 

In other words (?), multiplistic "ordinary reality" is the 
product of a contraining of awareness by karma and 
duality (duality being the basis of manasic/interpretive 
multiplicity and karma) ... 

<< These pop up as needed undirected and without prior 
permissions or supervision of the Being.<<

In other words (?), karma tends to be running our lives ...
But/"but" ... ? At least some of us are "studying 
Theosophy," and ... whatever that might mean.

<<So looking at the automaticity as it occurs and 
cogniteing "I did not intention or produce that" tells one 
something doesn't it? Well Karma/Maya ? What Ground 
has Karma but Maya functionally and operatively?>>

Seems like a relevant question, thought ...

<<And what is the experiencer of Karma? What is the 
Habitat of karma? What is it's limit? what experiences 
Karma and what is not beholden too it? The thing is from 
my view is "where we are", "who we are being", and in 
what is all taking place no matter when, what, or where. 
What is senior and what is Secondary-- Permanent and 
Impermanent? Which is Uncreate and which is Create? 
Which Abides and Remains and which Resolves and 

Relevant questions, thoughts, I think.

<< We are there now and need not go a single footstep, 
simply by lifting the Veil Re-enlightenment and 
Realization presents instant, so in that instant Order is 
created and becomes Known. If the purpose is to bring the 
Uplift of Mind then engaging modes appropriate and 
conducive to that seem required else we glide merrily 
along as Worthy Honored Gentlemen for a season and a 
time, lol John>>

I tend to agree ...


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