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RE: Theosophy, RC, Bhakti yoga, Bill, Mauri, and ...

Jan 13, 2003 02:48 AM
by dalval14

Jan 13 2003

Dear Friends:

Re: The gradations of learning and responsibility in the Universe.

May I break in here ?

The levels and hierarchies of working Wise Men, Mahatmas, Buddhas,
etc...and Great overseeing Forces are many, but every system speaks of
these as facts: Since Theosophy is the most ancient do all systems,
let me offer: --

As I read and understand Theosophy we have 3 FUNDAMENTAL PROPOSITIONS
given in SECRET DOCTRINE I pp 14-19 to help us -- H P B says that
they pervade the entire system.

1.	The Plan of the Universe in its evolution is a single plan. This
plan has been established back in the beginning of "time," and it
continues, and will continue into the foreseeable future. It is said
that the Universe as a whole reincarnates, and this Plan was handed
down a very long time back. The book The SECRET DOCTRINE describes
this in detail in Vol. I.

2.	All is logical, mathematically exact, and coherent. Law and laws
rule all beings and actions impartially. The "Law of Karma" is the
appellation given in Theosophy to this one universal LAW.

It is briefly described as the Law of Harmony whereby all diversity,
and distortion is regulated and made smooth. At the end of LIGHT ON
THE PATH will be found an illuminating essay on Karma. It helps us to
understand if we read and think about what is said there.

3.	No part, great or small, old or new, of the illimitable Universe is
forgotten, or omitted from the Laws that guide evolution and
individual progress.

All living intelligent beings are interconnected. Theosophy uses the
word "Monad" to indicate these living, conscious units that fill the

Mankind, humanity stands at the mid-point in terms of intelligence
between "instinct," and "intuition."

Each Monad that has reached the human level has this confronting
him/her. The Masters of Wisdom met this challenge and passed it aeons
ago. Yet they remain to help us, their "younger Brothers." We owe
the exposition of Theosophy to Them and their sacrifice. [see S D I
207 -210]

4.	From The UNIVERSAL ONE SPIRIT, everything in its vast diversity is
derived. [S D I 14-15]

5.	Potentially, every being has the capability of understanding the
whole complexity of the Universe of which it is a vital part.

Spiritual Knowledge (or Wisdom) is inherent, innate at the core, in
the essence of every being. " Look inward, Thou art Buddha ( the
Wise)." expresses this.

We are related to the "Masters." They were once "men" such as we are
now. They are our "Elder Brothers."

5.	Hence all living things (the immortal Monads) are related.
Brotherhood expresses this relation whether the level of learning be
small or great. We are brothers in potential, as well as in fact, to
the atoms, molecules, cells, and all the Masters, and other
Personages, or structures of and in the Universe. It is difficult to
conceive of such a supreme UNITY when our world is one of continual
diversity and confusion. Our independent existence our consciousness,
our Mind, ought to be adequate evidence of Spirit working through all
levels of Matter. In our case, it becomes expressed as the Mind and
the independent power of our free thought. The power to choose
defines of progress into the future. Our present lesson is
discovering what this right thought and right choosing. are. ["Good"
has been briefly defined as obeying the Laws of nature.] We need to
know and apply them.

6.	The pathways through which the Monads travel to the final goal
(called by some: "Sublime Perfection") are many, and are determined
by their individual Karma -- the Karma of their own free choosing.
Humanity is always composed of such "free-choosers."

7.	Consciousness, awareness, "seeing along with," will be found to be
a common factor for all beings, but the levels of achievement and of
perception to which the consciousness is self-raised are many and mark
the progress of and in evolution for every individual.

8.	An individual may experience and remember seeing the ALL -- and may
later describe it as LIGHT, COLOR, SOUND. or a discussion with a
PERSONAGE of WISDOM. Such memories are stored and presented to the
waking consciousness in terms that it can understand. But they do
occur. Also they are never forgotten. They are evidence of the

These "illuminations" as experience, are interior. They will be found
to be described in TRANSACTIONS OF THE BLAVATSKY LODGE (pp. 64 -76;
or : BLAVATSKY: Collected Works (TPH), Vol. 10, pp 255 -265)

At night during deep sleep the personal consciousness {Lower Manas}
may confabulate for a while with its "brother" the Higher Manas --
BUDDHI-MANAS. The Buddhi-Manas is interior to us and is a veil or
vase that enshrines the ATMA -- the RAY of the UNIVERSAL SPIRIT within
each of us. It is an experience akin to Samadhi or Turiya. (see
Gayatri verse)

Many have offered evidence of their memory of past lives.

The Responsibilities of advanced "Masters of Wisdom" are many and are
described in S D Vol. I.

Best wishes,



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> Perhaps you can help me to explain how theosophy can identify with
> of Wisdom at succeeding levels of mastery, each level deferring to
> higher, i.e., the chiefs have their chiefs who have their chiefs,
and still
> not acknowledge an Alpha and Omega?

In all due respect my friend, I don't think anyone here has the
ability to answer your question.... at least in a way that can be
universally accepted.

But here is a thought to ponder.... and, I truly believe in my heart
that HPB and AAB, both, would approve of this thought.... that at the
very core of every human being is pure unadulterated Consciousness, a
homogenuous and totally integrated white Light of magnificent beauty
and all-knowledge. And, why? you ask can we not experience or
express this magnificent all-knowing beautiful Light. Quite simply,
it is the mental, emotional/astral and physical (ie brain) vehicles
that are unable to measure up to the task. Tho, some, with great
momentum (desire), from past lives have been able to incur a perfect
alignment (or, momentary "unfoldment") of all the vehicles or for a
second or two.... enough for the "I" to collapse or be lost sight of
in the beauty of the Light from within...

Thousands of people have had this experience and lived to tell about
it.... why is it so hard to comprehend this? HumM? Why is it so
hard to understand that unless you have a pure unadulterated mental,
astral and physical body that the experience of of pure unadulterated
Consciousness just ain't <wink> gonna happen, because, simply, it has
no vehicles through which it can express Itself here.

Most sincerely,

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