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Re: Theos-World Problems of Humanity

Jan 12, 2003 04:46 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

"Suzanne " wrote:
> I think it is a very dangerous thing to cut and paste bits and pieces
> of ones thoughts and pass judgements on the totality of that persons
> thinking....

Please show me where my cuts changed the meaning of anything that I
quoted. I had pointed out that, given a copy of PROBLEMS OF HUMANITY, I
could easily show a dozen problems I had with Alice Bailey. I have many
more; it is just that the chapters "THE JEWISH PROBLEM" and "THE NEGRO
PROBLEM" are the easiest to find bigoted and factually wrong items. I
could, for example, go into the use of the planet "Vulcan" in her
esoteric astrology, when the explanation of the non-existence of the
planet Vulcan was one of the first major scientific validations of
Theosophical thought (which means that a belief in its existence goes
AGAINST Theosophical thought, at least as previously taught by
supposedly the same Adepts). I could have pointed out her thoughts on
homosexuality, for example. 

I was answering the charge that Theosophists cannot provide specifics
with their problems with Alice Bailey. 



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