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Re: Theos-World re "Voice of Deity," John, Whoever, and ...

Jan 11, 2003 05:05 PM
by samblo

You have asked me a question. I will not lie in this. Your relating of 
your fathers
experience and the "Sudden" cognitive perception he experienced. First 
recall the
story of Saul on the road to Tarsus "and behold he saw a Great 
Light.",after this his
name was changed due to his Gnosis he became Paul. The Great Light is the 
space that about us wherein we have participation and Life and 
Consciousness. The
mind of man is the Veil that blinds us to this Sacred Holy Space wherein 
we do all that we do and commit all that we commit for we are not 
without the but within
that Suchness. The five actions of Siva': Projection, Maintenance, 
Veiling, Withdrawal,
and Grace all exist co-statically and simultaneously in the space we have 
of perceptual reality in. Grace is Doctrine that is practically universal 
in all Religions
and can occur as "Sudden" due to Grace and as doctrine other contributing 
of the Being as is found. As for myself I had a "Sudden" experience back 
in the late 
1970s while sitting in a lecture on Purush-Prakrit being given at that 
time by a now
infrequent poster of this very list. Some point was made in the discourse 
that I, 
intent and focused in my internal energy and mind related too with the 
rising of a
thought which produces a cognition which produced the "Sudden", to my 
reality the room, all the hearers of the Lecture, the Lecturer, the 
building, the city, the
ceased to be, instantly replaced with the boundless beautiful Light 
intense yet not
hurtful to seeingness as I at the moment or non-moment had no perceptual 
form at all
but simply Be-ness. At the first movement of my mind giving rise to 
thought I was then
instantly back in the lecture. But with the reality and remembrance of the 
Great Light
forever to remain and remind. Some have mentioned the word "Faith," the 
defined Faith as the direct personal first person experience of such 
events, and when 
having had that they then had the "Basis" of "Faith" which is the element 
of Gnosis.

As far as Karma for sure there must be a factor in each of us that 
determines which 
has it's time and season to ripen and expand within consciousness so maybe 
as the "Sudden" experience follows an orderly process arcane to even the 

Jaynes attempts to trace in ancient cultures the Logos of Deity speaking 
more directly 
and audibly in the common minds of the people that lived then. Then he 
postulates the 
changes in the physical instrument of the brain occurred changing the 
ability of the 
people to hear the direct communication due to the reorganization of the 
physiology. Now he also asserts that the Dynastic Kings and ruling 
families were able
to retain the ability within their own physical form due to strict 
restriction of sharing the 
genetic pool outside the ruling familles genetic makeup. This he says did 
perpetuate it
but only for a period until they too lost it through diffusion in time. He 
in his work try's
to show by monuments and other remains from the various culture this 
It is a very original and unique perspective to be sure! One Science 
fiction novel that I
was to find and read has this as it's basic motif that combines with this 
exterrestial intelligence. Another is Phillip K. Dicks "Valis" Trilogy. As 
far as UFO's go
I have had some experiences there also to the point that certainty that 
reality itself
become very fluid as experience, literally mindbending. You must root your 
feet in the
Earth and be firmly stable adopting the "spectator" position.

Mauri, in my view "Effort" equals "Work" , the difference is what form 
the "Effort" or 
"work" has in context, Explaining is not "Work" from the view of the 
Estatics or such
as Proclus, Plotinus, or myriad others, explanations are explanations not 
the tranform-
ations of ones energy, mind and context of the moment relative to the 
economy of the 
Being. In Daniel an Angel instructs Daniel "Take of this book and eat of 
it" he intends 
that one consume in the most entire means possible the essence of it, to 
do so one
must live, breath, and hold present in mind and make it oneselve's very 
reality and as
such change and transform the matrix of one's economy of Being. I had been 
in doing this type of very thing with daily diligent work and effort on 
myself back then in
the late 1970's. It did produce change of energy in me and expansion of my 
view and awareness as a whole. One acts as a Caretaker of oneself 
moment to moment watching the mind and it's rising and being the Guardian 
Oneself. Be that as it may, it was a phase and not a permanency for me, 
but it did 
provide insight to the degree it did. Knowing what effort it takes to hold 
this in oneself
even for the time I did generated respect for those Lights in History that 
held such a
state for much longer periods. Such is Karma.

The problem is that we exist in a Paradox. What is is, and we also. The 
lower mind
has the design limitation that makes content dependent of Form context as 
part of the
innate result is that all constructs that attempt to inform about non-form 
is inverted to 
what the mind in it's supervisory capacity deigns as appropriate context 
and form. 
These pop up as needed undirected and without prior permissions or 
supervision of the
Being. So looking at the automaticity as it occurs and cogniteing "I did 
not intention or
produce that" tells one something doesn't it? Well Karma/Maya ? What 
Ground has
Karma but Maya functionally and operatively? And what is the experiencer 
of Karma?
What is the Habitat of karma? What is it's limit? what experiences Karma 
and what is
not beholden too it? The thing is from my view is "where we are", "who we 
are being",
and in what is all taking place no matter when, what, or where. What is 
senior and
what is Secondary-- Permanent and Impermanent? Which is Uncreate and which 
Create? Which Abides and Remains and which Resolves and Transforms?

There are many scents and perfumes of Mysticism in History and in the 
Now but
they can only predicate ultimately to and towards the same Truth.

We are there now and need not go a single footstep, simply by lifting 
the Veil
Re-enlightenment and Realization presents instant, so in that instant 
Order is created
and becomes Known. If the purpose is to bring the Uplift of Mind then 
engaging modes 
appropriate and conducive to that seem required else we glide merrily 
along as Worthy
Honored Gentlemen for a season and a time, lol.


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