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Weeks versus Lindsay on Alice Bailey

Jan 11, 2003 09:04 AM
by D. H. Caldwell " <>

Nicholas Weeks wrote:

"Her books are rooted in the pseudo-theosophy pioneered by CW 
Leadbeater. For example, one of CWL's favorite revelations was the 
return to earth of 'Maitreya' the Christ. Bailey accepted this 

Phillip Lindsay replied:

"It is actually the other way around. Leadbeater used some of AAB's 
original material from books such as Intiation, Human and Solar and 
took the credit for it in his book The Masters and the Path."

See below what Nicholas Weeks writes in response to Lindsay's comment 
plus other relevant material.

"Pseudo-theosophy of AAB & CWL"
by Nicholas Weeks

"Jerry Hejka-Ekins on Bailey's Use of Besant/Leadbeater E.S. Material"
By Daniel H. Caldwell

"Pseudo-theosophy of AAB & CWL"
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins


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