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Re: Einstein and the Secret Doctrine

Jan 10, 2003 02:00 AM
by leonmaurer

From: (fali)

Dear Leon Maurer,

Thank you very much for your comprehensive reply

which clarifies this issue. I found it on the BN-Study

page also, so other members can learn more about

the catalytic role of the SD in shaping Einstein's mathematical

formulation of his theories.

I wish you success in your efforts to relay the abstruse workings

of Nature by a mathematical/scientific framework so as to explain

the relationship between Spirit and Matter. Winning over scientists

to this Truth will herald the end of orthodox religions and materialistic

science, the twin obstacles that are inhibiting the natural evolution of

Human Consciousness.

Fali Engineer

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Date: Tuesday, January 07, 2003 4:41 AM

Subject: Re: Einstein and the Secret Doctrine

>Dear Fali Engineer,


>As far as I remember, Mrs. Wadia never said that Einstein's copy of the SD

>was returned to the International Theosophical Society. My understanding

>is that it was returned to the original Publisher in India, The Theosophical

>Publishing Company, Ltd., which is now the Theosophical Publishing Company

>in Los Angeles. This company is associated with the United Lodge of



>Mrs. Wadia was a member of ULT. So most likely the book is now 
>either buried in the library of the ULT Lodge in Adyar, or held privately 
>by someone there (or at the ULT Lodge in Los Angeles) in trust for the 

>Theosophical Publishing Company. It would be very difficult to trace, 
>since the ULT lodges, being associations of independent theosophical 

>students, are also independent, privately held not for profit corporations 

>that have no public officers or directors. They are also completely 

>separatefrom the International Theosophical Society which has split

>into several separate and independent national groups around 

>the world. Also, the libraries in each ULT lodge are quite vast due to 

>book donations and cross sharing around the world, and it would be 

>quite a chore to locate a particular old battered copy of the SD

>in any one of them.


>So, all we have is verbal evidence from at least three reputable women

>connected with ULT who claim to have seen the book when it was originally

>presented to the Adyar ULT Lodge by Einstein's niece. Besides other reports

>that the book was given him by his friend and collaborator, Dr. Millikan (who

>was a known theosophist) and other technical evidence -- that's enough to

>convince us that Einstein actually had a copy of the SD when he intuited

>E=mc^2 -- which, to him, would be quite obvious after reading certain

>passages. (In fact, I went a bit further and found in it Einstein's basic

>theory of photoelectricity as well as his concept of quantum physics.) His

>development of the mathematics to prove these old occult metaphysical

>realities, which upset all classical physics of his day, was what made him

>famous and got him his Nobel prize. No big deal. Just the right guy, in

>the right place, at the right time, with the right academic scientific

>training, and an open spiritually conscious mind.


>Best regards, and thank you for your efforts to locate the book.




>Leon Maurer


>In a message dated 01/06/03 8:30:59 PM, writes:


>>Einstein and the Secret Doctrine. Am again sending for favor of a reply.

>>Thank you.

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>> From: fali <>

>> To: <>

>> Date: Tuesday, December 24, 2002 11:30 PM

>> Subject: Fw: Einstein and the Secret Doctrine


>> Dear Mr. Maurer,


>> After reading your article on Einstein and the SD (reproduced below),

>> I enquired from Adyar regarding the whereabouts of the book. I got the

>> following reply indicating the book was never in the possession of

>> International and so presumably Mrs. Wadia or her associates retained

>> it all along.


>> With best wishes for a Happy and Illuminating New Year,


>> Fali Engineer





>> >"Dear Fali Engineer,

>> >

>> >Thank you for your e-mail of 23 December 2002. From time to time we

>> >receive requests for information about the whereabouts of Einstein's

>> >copy of the Secret Doctrine.

>> >

>> >This book is not in our Archives Department, The Adyar Library or the

>> >Adyar Lodge.

>> >

>> >You mentioned Mrs. Wadia, she gave up membership many years ago, and

>> >I believe became connected to the United Lodge if Theosophists. It is

>> >possible she gave the book to one of its Lodges.

>> >

>> >I regret I am unable to assist you further.

>> >

>> >With kind regards

>> >

>> >Yours sincerely

>> >

>> >Conrad Jamieson

>> >Public Relations Officer"



>>> How Did Albert Einstein Intuit (Grok) E=mc2?


>> Answer:


>> That's easy... He looked it up in The Secret Doctrine. (1)


>> Here's the Background:


>> On the 20th Anniversary of Einstein's death (1975), physicist Richard

>>Feynman was quoted in Time magazine as saying, "I cannot understand how

>>he arrived at the intuition (2) leading to E-mc^2, considering the level

>>of scientific knowledge at the time."(1905)


>> A niece of Einstein reported that a copy of the Secret Doctrine was

>>always on his desk.(3) Another witness, Jack Brown, reports similarly in

>>an article, "I visited Professor Einstein." (4)


>> Here's the story as I got it:


>> Sometime, around the mid 1970s, I was attending a lecture by a foreign

>>visitor at the United Lodge of Theosophists in New York City... After the

>>talk, a group of ULT associates and I met the speaker, Mrs. Wadia, the

>>elderly British born widow of a well known Indian theosophical writer and

>>lecturer. She was accompanied by several other Indian women dressed in



>>> Mrs. Wadia, or one of the other women with her (I do not remember

>>their names) told us that when she was at the Theosophical Publishing 
>>Company in Adyar during the mid 1960s, she met Einstein's niece, who 
>>said she had come to the TPC headquarters to offer their library the book 
>>that was at the bedside of her uncle when he died. Mrs. Wadia (or the 
>>speaker) said that she and several others at the Adyar Lodge gratefully 

>>accepted the worn out and dog-eared copy of the first edition ofThe 
>>Secret Doctrine- The Synthesis of Science, Religion and Philosophy 
>>by H. P. Blavatsky.


>> I asked whether she actually handled and opened the book. She answered

>>that she had. When I specifically asked if there were any margin notes,

>>she said that the book was heavily notated and underlined, and that the

>>margins were covered with scribbles and other markings that none of them

>>could make heads nor tails of. (What would we give to get a look at them?)

>>When someone else asked what happened to the book, she said, it was still

>>in the library of the Lodge in Adyar.


>> Whether it could still be found there today, is anybody's guess.. (If

>>anyone gets to read its "scribbles" as a result of this lead, please let

>>me know.)


>> This information, however, led me to re-evaluate the "Secret Doctrine"

>>which I had been studying for the past many years (and which was already

>>heavily underlined and margin notated -- but mostly of philosophical,

>>occult, symbolical, and comparative religion significance).


>> I immediately Purchased a new facsimile edition of The Secret Doctrine

>>(The Theosophy Company, Los Angeles) with the intention of starting all

>>over... But, this time, specifically to study its deeper scientific 

>>with reference to the linkages between consciousness, mind and their

>>associated biological organs and organisms (since most of its teachings 
>>in cosmology and physics had already been culled and expanded by 
>>Einstein, Planck, Millikan, Heisenberg, Bohr, Gell-Mann, Feynman, 
>>Hawkings and many others).

>> My continuing study since that time (and the margin notes it engendered)

>>led me ultimately to the present holographic consciousness theory of Astro

>>Biological Coenergetics and the beginnings of a new scientific paradigm

>>and technology derived from it -- that I am still working on... Hopefully,

>>"next year (or the year after :-), Jerusalem." ;-)>


>> Leon H. Maurer


>> New York, October 29, 1997


>> P.S. I'm not sure if my letter to Feynman in 1975, (telling him where

>>Einstein got his insight) pointed him to the SD. (He never responded.)

>>But it wasn't really necessary for his own work... Since, Einstein (and

>>Millikan, for another -- but that's another story) had already been there.



>> "You can tell the seriousness of a scientific theory by how much

>>fun the discoverer had in writing about it." -A.N.Onymous (or Al.




>> Notes:


>> (1) The Secret Doctrine - The Synthesis of Science Religion and


>>H. P. Blavatsky, The Theosophy Company, London, Madras, 1888


>> (2) "...mass or substance is equivalent to energy and that time and

>>space are integral parts of the substance-energy continuum...," Cranston,

>>S. L., HPB;: the extraordinary life and influence of Helena Blavatsky,

>>founder of the modern theosophical movement, G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1993,

>>434; ibid, Ref: Notes, Part 7, Note 21, 606" A. March and I.M Freeman,

>>The New World of Physics, 1963; quoted in Sunrise, November 1975, 81"


>> (3) "Iverson Harris, The Journal of San Diego History, San Diego

>>(California) Historical Society, Summer, 1974, 16. In checking this 

>>nformation it waslearned that a niece of Einstein's, in India during the 
>>1960s, paid a visit to the headquarters of the Theosophical Society at 

>>Adyar. She explained that she knew nothing of theosophy or the society, 

>>but had to see the place because her uncle always had a copy of Madame 

>>Blavatsky's Secret Doctrine on his desk. The individual to whom the niece 

>>spoke was Eunice Layton, a world renowned theosophical lecturer who 

>>happened to be at the reception desk when she arrived. While in Ojai, 

>>California, in 1982, Sylvia Cranston met Mrs. Eunice Layton, who 

>>confirmed the story." (Cranston, S. L., HPB;:the extraordinary life 

>>and influence of Helena Blavatsky, founder of the modern theosophical 

>>movement, G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1993, Notes, Preface, Note 11, 557)


>> (4) "Ohai Valley News, Ohai, California, September 28, 1983." (ibid,

>>Notes, Preface, Note 12., 558.)


>> Related Secret Doctrine references


>> Some references pertaining to Einstein's theory of relativity (E=MC2),

>>Heisenberg's theory of indeterminacy, holographic universe, etc. From The

>>Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, 1888, The Theosophical Press, Adyar,

>>India (facsimile reprint, 1964, The Theosophy Company)


>> Book-Page Text


>> 1-29 "Everything that exists has only a relative, not an absolute 

>>since the appearance which the hidden noumenon assumes for any observer

>>depends on his power of cognition" (Ref: Indeterminacy theorem) but all

>>things are relatively real, for the cogniser is also a reflection, and

>>the things cognised are therefore as real to him as himself."


>> 1-45 "Metaphysical abstractions are the only conceivable cause of


>>concretions a process of conversion of metaphysics into physics, analogous

>>to that by which steam can be condensed into water, and the water into

>>ice." (Ref: General laws of Phase Change Also Chaos, Complexity, Universal

>>Inflation, Symmetry, etc.)


>> 1-75 "... there is but one universal element which is infinite, unborn,

>>undying all the rest-as in the world of phenomena-are but so many various

>>differentiated aspects and transformations (correlations as they are now

>>called)" (Ref: Conservation of Matter/Energy, Special Relativity, General

>>Relativity, etc.)


>> 1-77 "It (occult philosophy) indicates existence of things imperceptible

>>to our physical senses" (Ref: all sub-molecular physics and chemistry)


>> 1-83 "BrahmÔ (Sanscrit name of precursor of Universe) "expands" and

>>becomes the Universe, woven out of its own substance." (Ref: Big Bang

>>theory, Inflationary theory, String Theory, etc.)


>> 1-120 "The radical unity of the ultimate essence of each constituent

>>part of compounds in nature is the one fundamental Law" (Ref: Unified

>>Field theories, GUTs, High Energy physics, Quark theories, General 

>>Relativity, etc.)


>> 1-143 (footnote) * * " consider all the forces of nature as veritable,

>>though super sensuous, states of matter" (Ref: General Relativity, E=MC2,

>>Quantum Chromodynamics, etc.)


>> 1-146 "Electricity, Light, Heat, etc. (i.e. energy) i.e. supersensuous

>>states of matter light is - a supersensuous state of matter in motion,

>>a Nature Force" (Ref: General Relativity, E=MC2, Special Relativity,

>>Photoelectricity, Quantum Thermodynamics, etc.)`


>> 1-147 " all the so called Forces of Nature, Electricity, Magnetism,

>>Light, Heat are in esse i.e. in their ultimate constitution, the 

>>aspect of that universal motion discussed (earlier) (see Proem)" (Ref:

>>General Relativity, E=MC2, Special Relativity, Photoelectricity, Quantum

>>Thermodynamics, etc.)


>> More to come in the forthcoming book: On The Threshold of a New

>>Science and Technology (intro)


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