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RE: Re - Blinds

Jan 07, 2003 12:17 PM
by dalval14

Jan 7 2003

Dear Friends:

Re seeing obscurities in answers or "blinds ?"

May I break in to observe that :

You wrote in part:

"Any evaluation has to be done prior to asking the guru to accept you
as a
chela. Once the guru accepts you, there is no more evaluation of the
guru who
has to be seen as a divine incarnation if the relationship is going to

This has for concomitant the fact that in each individual the 7th and
6th Principles (combined as the MONAD ) is the interior Guru of both
because at that level both Atma and Buddh are universal. They are rays
from the ABSOLUTE ( Secret Doctrine II 167 ).

They mirror all the rest ( Secret Doctrine I 623, 632; II 186 )
The "Three in one" is then seen to agree with all the rest.

In fact the Higher Manas as MAHAT ("cosmic ideation " S D I 16) is
also universal as Maha-Buddhi ( S D I 335, 572 ). Buddhi is the
characteristic of Mahat ( Secret Doctrine I 256, 373 ). It is
"manifested wisdom" ( S D I 110 ).

They are identified with the MANASAPUTRA (The Sons of Mind -- S D II
167 ).

As the Divine Rebels," they refused to "create will-less men" (
Secret Doctrine II 245 ) .

With this as a preliminary it becomes clear that the "Guru" is an
advanced student in occultism, and it becomes his duty to instruct the
"pupil" in the facts that universal THEOSOPHY teaches -- the KEY TO
THEOSOPHY (HPB) is a beginning .
We have to select one who is able to explain,. and then conduct the
instruction with a series of logical and consecutive statements and

Best wishes,



-----Original Message-----
From: gschueler
Sent: Tuesday, January 07, 2003 10:27 AM
Subject: Re Blinds

<<<Seems to me that the entire mainstream, exoteric worldview is
blinding, and
that HPB's selective use of "blinds," no matter how well-intentioned,
lead some people up a garden path, or creek, unless they have some
kind of innate appreciation about the generally blinding nature of
reality." Still, seems to me that HPB's blinds, and many of her
were courageous compromises, considering the circumstances---in that
writings suggest to me that she went ahead with offering Theosophy to
general public with her eyes fully open, knowing that many people,
for many
years to come, would favor various literal interpretive tangents, in

The four Noble Truths are: (1) Conditional reality is inherently one
suffering, (2) The cause of this suffering is karma, (3) There is an
reality which is a release from this suffering, and (4) There is a
Path to
this release. A valid spiritual Path, then, includes anything we can
do that
alleviates or reduces suffering due to karma and leads us toward
release or
liberation from suffering; that leads us from conditional to ultimate
If we say that such-and-such will move us along a Path but not
actually get us
to our final destination, then this such-and-such is a blind. A blind
is not a
falsehood so much as it is simply misleading because while it takes us
in the
right direction, it only goes so far. When Blavatsky says that
atma-buddhi is
a monad, an eternal pilgrim, a Higher Self, and so on, she is using
that do take us in the right direction but stop short of the final
because of the tendency to reify or even personify atma-buddhi into a
that does not really exist as such. For example, what actually happens
when we
unite with atma-buddhi and identify with it? We enter nirvana and
become a
nirvanee. Is this our final goal or objective? No, but the ability to
nirvana is a major step in the right direction.

<<<One might wonder how is a probationary chela, for example, to
"know," (ie,
in what sense), if an other person is enlightened .. Apparently
enlightenment is a prerequisite for teaching enlightenment, so, if a
cannot evaluate whether or not a guru is enlightened, then ... seems
like a
catch 22 ...^:-) ... Or is it that there might be an "evaluation"
stage (of
whatever kind) that might be acceptable during the chela's (7 year
probationary stage, after which the "no-evaluation-of-Guru" stage
begin ...>>>

Any evaluation has to be done prior to asking the guru to accept you
as a
chela. Once the guru accepts you, there is no more evaluation of the
guru who
has to be seen as a divine incarnation if the relationship is going to


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