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Re: Theos-World on our toes

Jan 07, 2003 12:11 PM
by wry

Hi. There are different ways to look at and explore numbers. I forget where,
(maybe I will remember), but I have actually heard the way that Terri speaks
of about looking at eleven as 1+! referred to a "theosophical addition." In
any case, this is valuable metaphysical device, and the one of the ways much
knowledge was covertly transmitted in ancient texts to those who could
understand, and actually this device is still being used by some to this

I have spent very many hours pondering the meanings of numbers, including
even the shapes and also the consonant bases or roots of the words used to
designate them, and even the sounds of the words and their correspondence to
other sounds of a different meaning. (The number eight is particularly
fruitful to examine in many of these aspects). If you want to understand the
so called language of the ancients, this is as good a way to start as any,
and I would like to encourage anyone who is pondering, such as Terri, to
continue the practice of doing so, until more and more muscle is developed.
A person who learns how to ponder will never be lonely or bored again, and
will eventually begin to uncover great riches.

An interesting proverb that has to do with numbers is "a stitch in time
saves nine." The number nine is very interesting, as it always folds, and of
special significance is the number 91. I have heard it said that the entire
Koran is based on this, and I also know this number is highly significant in
the enneagram of George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff, which is a most valuable
symbol to ponder (a diagram and information about this can be obtained in
"In Search of the Miraculous" by P.D. Ouspensky, the reading of which I do
not (necessarily) recommend, at it is overly "heady.")

The number eleven is most amazing. In so-called "theosophical addition,"
this number would be examined by looking at the components within it, such
as six plus five, or ten (one) plus one. It is interesting that one plus
one equals two, which is considered in numerology (all of the ideas of which
I do not necessarily subscribe to, as some of the methods are unscientific
and silly) to be the number of the devil, but eleven, as well, as twenty-two
are considered to be master numbers. I do not know if I have mentioned this
on here, but I was born with synesthesia and can see actually colors and
crystalizations in sounds and in the sounds of letters and also in the
shapes of numbers. To me, the number eleven has most amazing qualities. If
you examine the word, eleven, it can be most fruitful. I have personally
pondered eleven for many hours, and return to this good and rewarding
ponder every once in a while, as my pondering is not yet complete. It is
interesting that the word. "twelve" is very similar to the word "eleven." I
have never pondered this, as I just noticed this right now for the very
first time, and now I wonder what else I have missed seeing. It is also
interesting that the shape of two ones which are parallel suggests an open
channel, but I do not know how much can be actively made of this. In any
case, a ponder is sort of a private thing, as each person will approach
material according to his own level of understanding, and to interpret
material for others, as I have previously mentioned, not only perpetrates
authority (and human ignorance), but also may rob a human being of the
possibility of discovery. Interesting how things go in a certain way when
there is learning through discovery rather than when someone just tells me.
It may be true both ways, but one "truth" is not alive in the same way.
Someone has brought this subject up recently, and I believe it is very
important to make a distinction between one kind of "truth" and the other.
I have just touched on the subject of numbers, but I am most grateful, for
having been given an opportunity for a new ponder. Sincerely, Wry

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> "thalprin " wrote:
> > I enjoy math raps! I have an abiding interest in math exploration
> > and/or pythag number theorem. So, for instance, while I do agree
> > that 1+1 =2 I do also enjoy to consider (composite addends) that 1+1
> > =11
> Actually, the concept of 1 + 1 = 11 is manipulation of symbols rather
> than direct mathematics. It shows the danger of confusing symbols with
> that which is symbolized.
> Bart
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