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Jan 08, 2003 02:11 AM
by dalval14

Jan 8 2003

Dear M and friends:

This is how I understand these passages:

H P B in SECRET DOCTRINE Vol. I 200 gives a diagram. She explains this
around there. If you use the INDEX on ROUNDS, GLOBES, RACES, the
explanations emerge. ( Read the area from pp 180 to 245)

There are 7 GLOBES corresponding, as opportunities of development, to
the 7 "principles" in man and nature. The whole of our Earth passes
through these, humanity and all else, together.

We are in the 4th such ROUND and it as a round it corresponds to

We are on the 4th ROUND, GLOBE D -- (this D Globe) corresponding
with the development of Manas - intellect and reasoning.

In the 4th ROUND (GLOBE E -- corresponding to Buddhi-Manas or Higher
Manas ) we will be developing the use of the superior intellect or the
WISDOM of BUDDHI-MANAS -- and this demands that we apply it as
SPIRITUAL ACTION It also implies we will have universal vision.

The 6th sense is said to be mental-spiritual perception for which
there will be no barriers. It is spiritual and all the kamic (desire
and selfishness) elements will have been eliminated by us. Those
"dormant" pictures ( which some already see partially, as altruism,
nobility, unselfishness, universality, and ethical behaviour or
BROTHERHOOD ) will become our habitual way of life.

In other words we will be existing as spiritual beings, and not
constantly worrying about it, as we will have full knowledge of our
own immortality and of that of others, who like us are treading the
eternal path that leads to SUPREME PERFECTION.

I hope this helps,




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From: Munise
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Dear All, Dallas

Here is a paragraph from: ESOTERIC BUDDHISM by By. A.P.Sinett
Chapter VIII: The Progress of Humanity

"..The fourth round, in which we are now engaged, is the round in
which the
fourth principle, Will, Desire, is fully developed, and in which it is
engaged in assimilating itself with the fifth principle, reason,
intelligence. In the fifth round, the completely developed reason,
intellect, or soul, in which the Ego then resides, must assimilate
itself to
the sixth principle, spirituality, or give up the business of

also there appears an expression as "by producing mental pictures in
dormant sixth sense"

Would anyone like to expand what is meant by "give up the business of
existence altogether" and "by producing mental pictures in our dormant

Best Regards

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