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Re: Theos-World Recent humor

Nov 29, 2002 11:26 AM
by Steven Levey

Was it Manifest Destiny that provoked the chicken to leave (in a covered wagon) a perfectly stable environment on his side of the road, which was the homestead for the chicken dynasty for thousands of years? Or was it that he simply died on that side of the road and was reborn on this side. And, if he was a materialist, was he aware of the transition at all In which case, he, to this day has know idea that he left. Damned frustrating, don't you think?

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Sent: Friday, November 29, 2002 8:04 AM
Subject: Re: Theos-World Recent humor

And possibly last, but certainly not least a few more,
>Adelasie:We should have more compassion for the chicken. Altruism first.
>MNO :What would MLK have said about this chicken? 
>M. Sufilight with rugrats pondering chicken parts ...>:-)
> Larry,
> I think you left out a couple.
> >Net: Is this more in your face and finger pointing at the CHICKEN?
> >
> >LM:That chicken , at another level ,could certainly be consubstantial , 
> yet at another >level could possibly be co-ordinate with ....
> >
> > 
> > Are we also capable of laughing at ourselves?
> > 
> > HPB: The Masters report that the chicken crossed the road
> > 
> > Bri: This is clearly yet another TRICK TO FOOL THE PUBLIC ! Science has
> > proven beyond a doubt that chickens are not capable of crossing the 
> > 
> > Daniel: I cite below three affidavits of persons known to have witnessed
> > a chicken crossing the road.
> > 
> > Bri: Person A is a known liar. Person B is deluded and person C has
> > countless times been reported in another country when he supposedly was
> > witnessing this act.
> > 
> > Dallas: Below are 73 refeerences from the SD on chickens, feathers, 
> > and roads. In case that isn't enough I also cite 10 pages on Karma, 14 
> > Reincarnation, 8 on Universal Brotherhood and another 20 on the Seven
> > Fold Constitution of Man.
> > 
> > Compiler: The following two articles may have some bearing on the 
> > of chickens crossing the road. In case the link is broken...
> > 
> > Mauri: But what if the chicken were really a rooster? Speculatively
> > speaking...
> > 
> > Frank: The chicken was a decoy in a plot to spy out real estate on the
> > other side of the road.
> > 
> > Bart: The Israelis have every right to allow a chicken to tread into
> > Palistinian territory.
> > 
> > Mic: Clearly U.S. President Bush once again shows his true colors but
> > allowing this chicken to cross the road. It's really all about oil and
> > U.S. business rights
> > 
> > Larry: Not that anyone really cares but the Book of Mormon has a neat
> > passage on chickens..
> > 
> > Steve: I never said I didn't believe the chicken could actually cross 
> > road.
> > 
> > Paul: You people can never seem to get it toge

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