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Re: Theos-World Brian's latest posting

Nov 29, 2002 02:43 AM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 11/27/02 8:27:30 AM, writes:

>If it is right that Socialism and Communism ("We are all equal") in its
>several variations was invented by the background power in the Vatican
>to destroy the Protestant movement in Germany, then it is no wonder why
>the ruling red caps and the pupils of the Frankfurt school in Austria (and
>also in Germany) are so furious about HPB, as Theosophy was brought to
>the West to stop Socialism under all its masks.

Judging by your speculative (iffy) statement that what you imply about the 
"invention" of Socialism and Communism, etc., you believe to be true... 
Doesn't that also imply -- since the US constitution is based on the 
Declaration of Independence which says, "...all men are created equal" -- 
that you also believe the US is a 'masked' Socialist country, and that 
theosophy was introduced in America by HPB to "stop" or overthrow it? Could 
we assume, then, by such subtly sly implications -- that you might be trying 
to propagandize us American theosophists into believing that HPB wanted us to 
become an anti government political movement? If so, I think she would come 
flying out of her urn in one of her typical cold rages at the "dumbheads" 
among us who haven't the faintest idea what "Universal Brotherhood" means. 
(Not to imply anything personal, of course. ;-) 

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