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Re: Theos-World Re: Theism Can't Honestly Be Dismissed

Nov 27, 2002 06:13 PM
by Steven Levey

Robert-If I may, Theosophy is synthesis. That is to say, if Theosophy is the Sanata Dharma, Wisdom Religion, Gupta Vidya, and especially Atma Vudya, then it is the wisdom which is universally greater than the sum of those parts which one or many may synthesize into an acceptable whole. A mayavic "whole" whose circumference only changes as much as we do in our apperception and perception. I think the problem we have is that we are so used to misconstruing the tools of perception (manas along with varying degrees of buddhi) for that which we perceive on occasion. While the fragments we occasionally correctly associate are given much more credit than we should. When, in fact the true relationship and basis for all of essential maya (Root Cosmic Substance and Divine Breath-reflections of the Absolute and the primary duality-the basis for entropic maya) as well as the laws which govern, are taught by the Mahatmas through HPB (and others) as Theosophy. The written Secret Doctrine being that which the material mind of man today can wrestle the truth out of until we further awaken. To me the "Diamond Cutter", to coin as a metaphor the great text in the Diamond Sutra, is "The Voice of The silence". It seems to be a self-validating text whose Heart Doctrine seems to allow for all in its synthesis. But, I agree that all experience must be included in a synthesis, which by nature, is all inclusive. What seems important is individual growth through application, not what is applied or even how, as long as the Injunction of "Do no harm" is followed.-
Steve Levey 

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>>> Theosophy on the other hand, uses the power of synthesis, whereby
apparent differences are reconciled in the widest and most
comprehensive views of why the Universe exists, and where each
individual member of it ( and Monad) is going. 

I'm sorry, but from this long (and very well-written, thank you) 
explanation, it appears to me that Theosophy, far from reconciling 
differences widely and comprehensively, achieves synthesis via mere 
reductionism, not different in principle, though certainly very 
different in details, from mechanistic science. A real synthesis 
would include, and not dismiss as merely sectarian and traditional 
(though much of it certainly is), the vast storehouse of theistic 
experience to which I have already alluded. Dallas, the view of the 
universe you have described is beautiful, but so is quantum physics, 
and neither of these systems constitutes an all-embracing view of 
life. But if it works for you, I'm the last person who would try to 
pry you away from it.



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