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tricky situation for a theosophist

Nov 26, 2002 05:49 PM
by Mic Forster


Well before I get to the topic of this post I would
just like to tell you all about some events that have
occured in my life these last few days. Nothing life
changing or anything like that, rather just one of
those things that make you sit back and think. At the
moment I am doing my honours thesis and since I am
working with plants in their natural setting it
entails a lot of field work. Right now is probably the
worst time to do such a project. All the bushland
(forest, woods etc for those unacquainted with the
term) around here is an absolute timberbox on account
of the lack of rain (it rained last night and again
the sound initially freaked me out before I realised
what it was). I was working in some bushland in
Western Sydney yesterday morning and I decided to
knock off when the temperature hit 40 degrees celcius.
Fortunately I did this because shortly after a HUGE
fire broke out right where I was working. And when I
say huge I mean HUGE. Just that whole situation got me

Alright, enough rambling. So what is this tricky
situation for a theosophist? Well recently a woman
from Perth, Western Australia, took her own life after
she was diagnosed with an illness. This happened a few
days ago now so my memory might be a bit hazy. From
what I can recall this illness was not life
threatening but debilitating enough to require
extensive care from family and friends. This woman
took her life because she did not want to be a burden
on those whom she loved. 

Now we all know that theosophy does not condone
suicide yet theosophy does condone selfless,
altruistic actions. The tricky situation for the
theosophist is this: should a theosophist support
suicide when there is a benficial outcome involved? 

Pondering with an ember down my pants....mic

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