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RE: [Blavatsky_Study] Re: Re to Steve - Phenomena & Noumena

Nov 26, 2002 05:23 PM
by dalval14

Nov 26 2002

Dear Friend:

Re: seeking the goal of perfection Do we become ONE WITH the

As I understand it from Theosophy, every nigh we, as Lower Manasic
consciousness, when the body is asleep, may come into rapport with the
inner "god" -- the HIGHER SELF -- ATMA

This is done in "deep sleep" sushupti. And that is the highest and
most Universal Spirit present in our universe. [see TRANSACTIONS OF

ATMA is UNIVERSAL -- we all share it. Hence Brotherhood is a fact.

So we are never separated from the Universal Consciousness. But we
need to prove this to ourselves so that we may never feel lonely and
abandoned any more. The ONE SPIRIT is our dearest friend. It deals
only in truth and purity of motive. Can we find one that is more
trustworthy or dearer?

Read the BHAGAVAD GITA. It is full of straightforward directions and
statements from Sri Krishna (who is in all the HIGHER SELF -- the
ATMAN). Why do we not study them, prove them, use them, believe in

It is more important, I think to find out what barriers we have set
up. That is because our past Karma is haunting us and delaying us.
Why was Savitri able to see Yama and recover the soul of Satyavan by
simple direct truth and logic? That is the important part of the
whole legend.

What does Sri Krishna mean when he says :

"I am seated in the heart of all beings.

I am the beginning, the middle and the end of all existing things? "

"I established this Universe with a single portion of myself, and
remain SEPARATE ?"

To read is one thing, to understand is another. The second is
acquired by deep thinking. We have to use the BUDDHI-MANAS that is
ours, and with its help penetrate to ATMA consciously, by making the
LOWER MANAS pure of desires and passions. The effort is all done here
in daily life. Hence Sri Krishna says:

"Act for and as the SELF OF ALL CREATURES. Do not hope for specific

But we have to be patient. We have lived many lives ignorant of these
facts. This incarnation we become aware of them. The force of the
past has to be overcome. This takes perseverance, patience and
attention. But the work will never be done for us. We have to do it.
That is the path of true growth. At its end alone will the GOAL:

Think, nay, meditate on ATMA the UNIVERSAL SPIRIT. We are always IN
IT. We are never separated from it. Now we have to learn to recognize
it everywhere. And we have to voluntarily determine to assist it.

And yet every morning we wake up as "ourselves" the Lower Manas,
engaged in our small daily duties, and picking up the responsibilities
that are our Karma for this new day.

Are we changed? Perhaps. We need to review our "dreams" and see what
SUSHUPTI (deep sleep) has provided us with. But all final changes and
choices are to be made ON THIS PLANE, where our individual battle of
Kurukshetra is being fought. We have to make ourselves successful,
even if it takes dozens of incarnations. No one can do it for us.
And that is only fair. We have made ourselves what we are now. We
alone, can "un-make" the past. and change.

Can we call our "promises" worthy? Only if we have carried them out
faithfully. Divinity and spirituality cannot be bought. There is no
"quick fix."

best wishes,



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---I have a question.

What do we will do when we will be unite to the univers Consciusness?

Peace & love



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