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Re: Theos-World The Secret Doctrine

Nov 26, 2002 05:47 AM
by Etzion Becker

Thanks Frank; we are aware of it. It is actually a team work, myself, the
Israeli Theosophical President in Israel, his secretary, and others as well.
We have been considering all these points. It will take a few more years
before we will reach an acceptable version. We do our best. I trust we will
have a good edition. Love, Etzion

> Etzion, first my congratulations for your heavy task to translate the SD
> into Hebrew. It was new to me that so far no Hebrew edition exists.
> But please let the technical terms as they are. Terms like Manvantara,
> karma, mahatmas, pralaya are not being translated into French or German
> either.
> A Sanskrit term is a Sanskrit term for a European or American student as
> well as for a Jewish student.
> One reason is that this terminology which comes from the old original
> sources helps all students worldwide to communicate and understand and
> reduces misunderstandings, another reason is that neither Hebrew, nor
> French, nor German or English etc. have actually equal terms for the
> Sanskrit words.
> Any translation is a loss and our theosophical technical terms have a life
> of its own.
> Frank
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