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The Secret Doctrine

Nov 25, 2002 09:42 PM
by Etzion Becker

Hello folks. I spent some time with you in the Past. This is again Etzion
Becker from Jerusalem, who is translating the abridgement of the Secret
Doctrine into Hebrew. I crossed these days half of the book, which was not a
mean achievemnt, for those of you who know this difficult book :-)
Anyway, I have plenty of questions for this respectable audience. The
problems are not only the terminologies, which I am attemting to translate
into Hebrew as well, like Manvantara was translated as *period of action*,
etc. I think for one that the SD could be written in a much more simplified
way, and my attempt is to convey it to the Hebrew reader as simple as
possible, while retaining its deep meanings. Another problem which I have
been facing, is the English itself. I am not a professional translator in
the sense that I studied it in the university, studied the various levels of
the English language etc. I do translations of spiritual material (mainly by
Meher Baba) more than 20 years by now, and the copyright holders, who
checked my translations, are quite happy. I think this work will come o.k.
as well, but if some of you will be willing to offer a hand, more correct
their key boards, we might achieve a good, readable version of the SD, which
I consider as a great book.

I'll start where I am now; it is Stanza 7, page 102, 5th sentence from top:
"For the latter is the field .... fall into generation".
I don't quite understand what is the meaning here.
I'll appreciate your support. I have plenty more, I'll keep you very busy
;-) Love, Etzion

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