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Re: A question for Paul about Brigitte

Nov 23, 2002 03:32 AM
by kpauljohnson

--- In theos-talk@y..., "Wry" <wry1111@e...> wrote:
> Hi Daniel. What if there is NO Brigitte Muehlegger OR Brian Muehlbach 
> OR Goswami OR his "daughter?" What if THEY ARE ALL FABRICATED 

Has anyone ever seen Brigitte and Daniel in the same room together?

As for who is the person who could be doing this, I will 
> let you speculate on this when you are on vacation.

Daniel is the only librarian I ever heard of who can take a five month vacation; I'm lucky to get five days in a row every other year or so. Brigitte too manages to take extremely long vacations. Neither appears to have any worldly responsibilities that would interfere with spending 24/7 on the Net defending and attacking Theosophy and the Masters. Maybe they should vacation together this year.

You can start by 
> looking at Bridgitte, who has told you much by giving you "her" so- 
> called name.

Wry adds to the mix of mystery and gameplaying by being pseudonymous himself and dropping hints without being willing to express with clarity what he is getting at. Well, regardless, I will point myself out as exhibit #1, someone who has wasted endless hours and energy ensnarled in the games of both Daniel and Brigitte, taking them both as sincere when both are only interested in playing games with me and each other. I'm only half sincere in suggesting they may be the same person, but at some level they are manifestations of the same thing.

There seems to be a rich tradition of the theatrical in 
> theosophy. but personally, the kind of behavior that is being 
> demonstrated on this list is immoral and would be against my 
> conscience as it involves duping innocent people WHEN IT IS NOT EVEN 
> NECESSARY, and it encourages fantasy and deceit when what is needed 
> for genuine spiritual development is the the formation of a spiritual 
> community based on honesty and reality. To the person who is doing 
> this, figure out a way to redeem yourself, if it is even possible. 
> You are guilty of the very thing you accuse others of doing. There is 
> a name for this, but I will not call you it on this list.

What morality justifies making this accusation in a veiled and pseudonymous way rather than openly?
> I have smelled a great, big, stinking fish for some time, but maybe 
> I, too, am a cheap cartoon character and this is all my imagination. 

Same smell is detectable here, but do we have a Theosophist impersonating an insane anti-Theosophist to make anti-Theosophy look bad, or vice versa, or both, or neither?

> Do not question me about this further, as I will not respond.

Not questioning you, but commenting that you are adding to the mystery and confusion.

I am 
> not even a theosophist, and it is NOT my job to sort this out for you 
> people,

Same here but I have had extensive dealings with these mysterious web denizens.

though I write this as your friend and a friend of theosophy, 
> Wry
> --- In theos-talk@y..., "Daniel H. Caldwell" <comments@b...> wrote:
> > Paul, in a recent email you wrote:
> > 
> > "Which brings to mind, in closing, a recent post by Adelasie about 
> > Brigitte . . . "
> > 
> > You may not know that Brigitte Muehlegger has not posted on this 
> > forum for months BUT Brian Muehlbach has been posting here since 
> > August of this year.

I know that you have been playing some ridiculous game going on and on about this subject, when it's apparent to everyone else that they manage the same website, ergo...

> > 
> > Some time ago Bill Meredith stated on this forum that Brian and 
> > Brigitte are actually the same person.
> > 
> > But Brian has denied that he is "Brigitte Muehlegger."
> > 
> > Furthermore, Bill Meredith has stated that on another forum [WET?] 
> it 
> > was common knowledge that Brian was actually Brigitte.

A forum closed down in part because of your success in infiltrating it with a spy and then crowing about said success on another list.
> > 
> > Paul, as founder and moderator of WET, can you confirm Bill's 
> > statement that Brian is actually Brigitte?

Of course not. Nor can I confirm anything about you and your motives, or her/him and her/his, except that there is a hell of a lot of game playing going on all around.

Sure would love to know what is up but am not counting on any honesty and sincerity from anyone about it since Wry too just adds to the weirdness.

Too exasperated to keep up with all this crap,

> > I will be going on a 5 month vacation starting one week from today 
> > but will check the Theos-Talk website several times in the next 
> week 
> > for any definitive information you can provide. 
> > 
> > Daniel

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