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Re: War on Drugs

Nov 22, 2002 09:54 PM
by Bart Lidofsky wrote:
> You left out the lobbying of the cotton industry that didn't like the
> competition from the hemp growers (Levi Strauss used to make hemp 
> jeans that lasted four times longer than the ones made today)... And, 
> we shouldn't downplay the lobbying of the bonded liquor industry -- 
> since marijuana "reefers" (especially in the deep south) was eating 
> into their profits after the repeal of prohibition. Also, the tobacco 
> industry didn't like the possibility of losing their monopoly for the 
> legal sales of an addictive drug... 

I also didn't mention that one of the "legitimate businesses" heavily
invested into by organized crime was the timber industry, mostly the
farmed timber for paper pulp; they didn't want the cheap, high-quality
paper that could be made from hemp available. 

> Even today, there is very little scientific evidence that marihuana is 
> any way near as as harmful to one's health as legal prescription drugs 
> like diet and sleeping pills, or addictive "foods" like sugar, which, 
> used in excess, can lead to debilitating diseases like hypoglycemia, 
> diabetes, heart failure, etc. -- or recreational drugs like alcohol 
> which, in excess, leads to liver damage -- or painkillers like Tylenol 
> and aspirin that could lead to kidney disease or internal bleeding. 

I believe it, though I'll never find out for myself. I'm literally
allergic to marijuana smoke (eyes turn bright red, start burning, bad
cough, etc.), and would support laws prohibiting PUBLIC consumption of
marijuana. But, as far as what someone does in the privacy of their own
home, I think that the drug laws are an abuse of government power. And,
quite frankly, I see just as many liberals supporting the "war on drugs"
as conservatives.

Bart Lidofsky

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