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re Monad/God/Higher Self . . .

Nov 22, 2002 03:12 PM
by Mauri

Robert wrote: <<There are many credible people who 
have testified to the personal experience of a supreme 
personality at the pinnacle of conscious experience. 
Coupled with the metaphysical rationale that 
intellectually gifted theists have constructed, this 
evidence for the existence of God cannot be simply 
dismissed or ignored. Well, it can, but only to one's 
spiritual detriment.>>

Yes, "God" seems to have been interpreted in so many 
different ways. And there seem to be so many different 
interpretations for the "Monad" and "Higher Self" of 
Theosophy, too. And some of us may prefer to assign 
God, Monad, Higher Self into different categories, say 
(all in dualistic terms, in some cases?), but I suspect that 
Mahayna Buddhists, by definition, distinguish between 
dualistic notions and non-dualistic ones, and esoteric and 

If theists prefer to use the word "God" instead of, say, 
the "non-dual Monad" of Mahayna Buddhism, then those 
who prefer the latter might wonder (?) how such theists 
approach/interpret whatever they define as "God." In 
any case, I suppose we all tend to lean toward whatever 
seems most meaningful to us. 


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