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Re: Theos-World re to Leon/Dallas . . .

Nov 22, 2002 03:21 AM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 11/17/02 6:40:51 PM, writes:

> . . . well . . . so . . . ^:-) 
. . . what can I say . . . }))

Maybe, something in plain English we (or, is it, me?) can understand... 
Just kidding. But, I really don't know what to answer about Jerry's tutorial 
on quantum physics -- which really has no relationship to reality... Because 
the quantum particle (as a separate object) is nothing but a useful 
contrivance (or illusion, since he likes that word) scientists use to 
describe the "wave front" of a monad. And, its wave patterns are the only 
things that actually exist, right from the get go -- as the triple loop of 
lines of force (emanating out of the absolute zero-point) that make up the 
first monadic entity (on the spiritual plane)... Which is the analogous model 
of all subsequent iteratively involved monads descending down to the photon 
(on the physical plane)... That actually breaks down from its inner dual 
nature into holographic interference pattern when it encounters and passes 
through twin holes separated by its wave length.

Therefore, we can visualize the "wave front" of light -- as its twin loops of 
positive and negative "channels" of force or "energy" spiral down its 
propagational path (like a spiraling string of DNA) -- described graphically, 
as a clockwise and counterclockwise spinning circle or wheel (0) having a 
figure eight inscribed within it. With each wheel of the inner 8 spinning in 
opposite directions... Thus, 360 degrees polarized. (See the three zero 
points where the wheels touch each other, and the lines of spiraling force 
cross over each other as positive and negative poles on the outer 
circumference, with a neutral or "laya" point in the center. Thus, light is 
a triple natured primal monad on each plane of consciousnes in liniar 
(projected or radiated) motion.

Of course, science has yet to have the faintest idea how the universe really 
works on all its seven different levels or planes of consciousness. So, 
therefore, as GS might agree, what we think of matter as being "particles," 
is really the only illusion. Proving that quantum physicists really doesn't 
know what they are talking about in their strange mathematical jargon 
(although it "works," which is all that science cares about, as far as cell 
phones, digital computers and computer chips go). But, light itself, as we 
experience it -- being reconstructed holographic wave patterns in our mind 
(field of Manas) and impinging on our zero-point center of awareness-- is 
certainly no illusion. For, if it was, we wouldn't be able to dream, enjoy a 
sunset, or walk a foot in the world without killing ourselves. 

Hope this helps eliminate your head scratching (and saves you from any 
further speculative irritations of the scalp :-) when considering this 
subject in the future from a clearly theosophical-scientific point of view. 

Best wishes,

LHM <| ;-)>

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