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Re: Theos-World Adelaise on peace...

Nov 21, 2002 10:09 PM
by leonmaurer

Those theosophists interested in actively participating in or working with 
the Global non violent peace force, check out the following sites:

In a message dated 11/17/02 6:20:07 AM, writes:

>Hi Adelasie and all of you,
>The world is not only a place where we talk about Peace or War, but we
>really talk about
>EXISTENCE or non-EXISTENCE. That is where we are today. (Just like M. L.
>King said it.)
>It is not so important here wheather King was a Christian. It is important
>that we get peace.
>With terrorists on this Planet doing all kinds of ugly activities, we have
>to ask:
> - When is a sizeable nuclear bomb next on the Agenda ?
>You see these issues are being discussed in The United Nations, but there
>not yet any real agreements on how to deal with this issue.
>Time is running.
> And we have to claim disarmament of nuclear weapons from all countries,
>only Iraq.
>We will have to - as fast as reasonably possible to close all neclear plants
>on this globe.
>Only if we stick together there will be everlasting peace.
>I know, that Theosophy not really are doing in politics.
>But when it is about - Existence or non-Existence - I think Theosophy will
>have to make a stance,
>- and that loud and clear. These weapons are no good - and the sooner they
>are gone the better.
>I think, that the non-violent movement I had in mind in my previous email
>would be a movement like the one Martin Luther King Jr. supported, though
>probably with some important differences.
>* I should and ought to be world wide in its focus.
>* It should use a proper suited religous motivated agenda.
>* It should or could note and take in to consideration (i.e. only
>consideration) especially the principles and also the ideas which the
>organization United Religions Initiative are following today.
>(URI are here and, and
>a interfaith religious body associated to United Nations. There a at least
>800 Angelican Bishops supporting it, and both Buddhists and Hindus join
>as well, now its representing more than 88 religions world wide.)
>* It should make marches like the civil rights movement Martin Luther King
>Jr. supported. Or even sit-down protests.
>* It should have a suitable orator or speaker.
>* Its agenda could take from the speeches of Martin Luther King Jr. when
>proper and when they have a global focus, which could be supported by people
>who wants peace, - so to thereby create agreement on that the leaders of
>* Its agenda could take from other great non-violent speeches of the past
>* It should do what a lot of movement s today lacks, - namely it should
>relate much better to the TV-journalist around the globe, because they
>help create peace if they want to.
>But let us also remember, that is not so much the weapons as such, which
>a problem for humanity.
>It is just as important, what kinds of minds - this Planet are fostering
>breathe - and also what kind of
>information kids today are given besides the school-education. (A voilent
>picture ?)
>Well, these are just my humble views.
>I know the above are not a complet list.
>But the genral picture should be there, and can be adjusted if needed to
>peace in a non-voilent manner while usinng marches or sit-down protests.
>To communicate in small circles is of course a stance Adelaise. But
>really...Try to add the above picture !
>Negativity is always a solution and a stance.
>Let the readers feel free to do their best.
>M. Sufilight with patience...and the time running...

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