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Nov 21, 2002 09:39 PM
by leonmaurer

I, for one, am getting tired of all your crap. What makes you think 
theosophists need you (an obscure historian with a personal hatred of 
theosophy who may be using this vendetta and these propaganda tactics solely 
for purposes of attaining personal notoriety) to show them how to "present 
their teachings to the world"? 

What hubris. It's almost sickening to what ends you will stoop to prove your 
negative, prejudicial, and entirely unverifiable OPINIONS about theosophy and 
its teachings -- of which you, apparently, know little (even superficially) 
or nothing at all of its actual philosophically or scientifically 
unassailable metaphysical meanings, purposes, and ends in view. 

What a joke. Putting up this offer is just like your other propaganda tricks 
-- since you know, as well as all of us convinced, or even student 
theosophists, that there is no valid "evidence" (other than first hand 
experiential reports of credible people) that can "prove" (to each of us, 
individually) that the Mahatma letters are or are not "authentic," or whether 
or not the Masters, or "Mahatmas" who wrote them ever existed. In theosophy, 
we base all our judgments on what is said, rather than who said it. So, 
whatever your so called "experts" know about Indian civilization and their 
ancient religions, they can no more verify or deny the letters genuineness, 
whether of its writers or their message, as they can "prove" their own 
beliefs... Other than by blabbing the same worthless and prejudicial OPINIONS 
about them that you have. Since when do exoteric and blind religious beliefs 
have any weight in proving or disproving anything? 

The truth or validity of the Masters writings and teachings, whether in the 
Mahatma letters or in the SD, can only be judged by careful study of their 
inherent consistency with the fundamental teachings of ancient theosophy -- 
that neither you nor your pundits can deny with any "evidence" or even by 
logical arguments based on the same "fundamental principles" that the SD is 
grounded on... And, which, I'll wager, all Indian philosopher/scientists of 
any honesty or integrity are in total agreement with.

Therefore, I challenge you to come up with any "Indian" (or for that matter 
any other nationality's) pundits who will be able to deny the teachings of 
theosophy on unassailably valid scientific, philosophical, or religious 
grounds. Accordingly, I await your posting of their valid "proofs" or 
arguments (if any) in letters signed by them -- relating to the non existence 
of the Masters, and/or the invalidity of the theosophical teachings. What 
makes you think, after more than 100 years of just such "experts" trying to 
do so, that they can do so now? 

Wake up! And, get off our backs with your specious and opinionated, 
nonsensical harangues and phony, self-serving offers -- which I hope no other 
theosophists will take up. (Although, I can't speak or be responsible for 
anyone else but myself.) 

As a word of caution for the "other" members of "this list"... Theosophists 
are wise to stay out of arguments about the validity or invalidity of 
religious beliefs or metaphysics -- which is a total waste of their time and 

In a message dated 11/17/02 2:43:37 AM, writes:

>Let's Dallas/Daniel C. Caldwell and any other Theosophists on this list
>present there evidence the next few hours on :
>It is easy for Theosophists on this list to finally show us (and the 
>world ?) that "The Mahatma Letters" truly contain genuine oriental 
>teachings or not. 
>Let us just have Daniel C. Caldwell, Dallas/Dalval, Leoanmaurer, or 
>however believes "The Mahatma Letters" are what they claim they are, 
>post there and we watch this for a day or two, or and all of us who think
>they have found something genuine in The Mahatma Letters post it there
>and see what the experts say to that. Anybody is llowed to post there
>. Let Daniel C. Caldwell , Dallas, and so on post whatever they want us to
>believe on "theos talk" on 
> the next day ore so.
>With more then seven hundred (exactly 707) experts in the field of 
>ancient religions and civilisations on the Indian sub-continent. (Including
>Tibetologists and so on) 
>And lets see how many of the more then sevenhundred experts there 
>Daniel C. Caldwell and Dallas or however of those on theos-talk that 
>believe "The Mahatma Letters" are what they claim they are can get any
>of these sevenhundred and more experts there to agree.
>Lets Dallas/ Daniel/Leon/ and so on show us they are not just crackpot-
> At least with such a large group of specialists in religions , history, and 
>archeology of the ancient Indian sub-continent (two or three ?) that 
>would confirm that what Dallas/Daniel and so on want us to (bamboos 
>into ?) "believing," is true.
>I am looking now, 
> Brian
>PS I will place the complete postings as of this moment until in three
>days from now appear on the subject of "the content and precipitation
>of The Mahatma Letters" (with this very title) on my website in three 
>days, whatever appears the next three days on this subject. (except of
>course those posters who let me know I should not place it on my web 
>site, otherwise the postings there are public domain, and of course I will
>let as soon the matter takes of on 
> place a message there
>with my intent so all there know )

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