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A question for Paul about Brigitte

Nov 21, 2002 07:48 PM
by Daniel H. Caldwell

Paul, in a recent email you wrote:

"Which brings to mind, in closing, a recent post by Adelasie about 
Brigitte . . . "

You may not know that Brigitte Muehlegger has not posted on this 
forum for months BUT Brian Muehlbach has been posting here since 
August of this year.

Some time ago Bill Meredith stated on this forum that Brian and 
Brigitte are actually the same person.

But Brian has denied that he is "Brigitte Muehlegger."

Furthermore, Bill Meredith has stated that on another forum [WET?] it 
was common knowledge that Brian was actually Brigitte.

Paul, as founder and moderator of WET, can you confirm Bill's 
statement that Brian is actually Brigitte?

I will be going on a 5 month vacation starting one week from today 
but will check the Theos-Talk website several times in the next week 
for any definitive information you can provide. 


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