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Third force

Nov 21, 2002 01:34 PM
by kpauljohnson

--- In theos-talk@y..., "adelasie" <adelasie@s...> wrote:
> Hi Paul,
> Has it really been a year? Time is flying faster and faster these 
> days. 

It was cold weather last time I was here, but not quite a year. 
Still, seems like a full circle when the first freeze arrives.

> part of the teachings that they value) then learning to recognize 
the negative forces is useful.

True, and there's no question that B's approach to Theosophy is 
negative. But that wasn't nearly so much the case when I first 
encountered her online several years ago, so to some extent it is an 
outgrowth of negative encounters with Theosophists in the meantime.

> But I also don't see my truth as any more valuble, or "true," than 
> yours, or anyone else's. It works for me, and that's enough. I do, 
> however, think that when we choose to attack what each other holds 
> dear and even sacred, we are playing the old disintegrator game 
> again, and the result is never constructive of anything worthwhile. 

Wonder what motivates people to put energy into trying to persuade 
those least susceptible to persuasion. It does seem like beating 
one's head against a brick wall. This time I intend to focus only on 
those with whom there's some possibility of constructive discourse 
and not communicate with or about the rest.
> useful or helpful in the larger picture to enter the fray. On the 
> other hand, we tend to admire those who do wade in and try to 
defend the victim. 

But of course there is always the danger that in trying to defend a 
perceived victim we get involved in a vicious cycle of victimizing 
the perceived victimizer, etc.

> comes down to self-responsibility. Do I get irate because someone 
> else did or did not do something? Or do I react in a negative way 
> (and get out of control) because I have been hit in a weak point in 
> my own nature, and, realizing this, do I have the grace to accept 
the lesson life has offered me and profit from it? 
Ta da!

Regards and respect,


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