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Does anybody want to die for oil?

Nov 21, 2002 08:19 AM
by Steve Stubbs

Those folks who wonder if there really is such a thing as 
reincarnation will be pleased to know that George Bush, who was 
governor of Texas before Rick Perry won the recent election and who 
for reasons not understood seems to be living in the white house at 
the moment, is planning on giving you a chance to test that theory 
first hand. Every former oil executive in tbe Bush administration 
knows that there simply has to be a war for control of the Iraqi oil 
fields. Listening to public discussions by residents of policy think 
tanks and ordinary ignoramuses alike it appears that nobody but 
nobody actually believes that nonsense about "weapons of mass 
destruction." It is amazing to me that even the stupidest and most 
ignorant people are not buying the Bush line, let alone the well 
informed and well educated. I have heard it said that even Ari 
Fleischer, who has to go on the air with a straight face and pretend 
that he believes it, is thinking about playing a laugh track during 
his news conferences.

It turns out Iraq is not merely an oil producer, but the second 
largest in the world. You can see how that presents a "problem" for 
a bunch of oil executives. Who's next? Well, the administration is 
refcusing attention from al Qaeda, which controls no oil, to 
Hezbollah, which is reportedly financed by that other major oil 
producer - Iran. Never mind that Hezbollah is not attacking us. An 
effort is being made to make it appear we have to fight for the Likud 

The question is then whether the next "problem" will be discovered in 
Colombia or Venezuela. Venezuela is the larger oil producer but some 
observers think Colombia would be a better opportunity for a bunch of 
oil executives looking for an bullshit excuse to attack. They could 
discover a "problem." Then can find a "problem," attack Colombia, 
and then use that as a base from which to attack oil fields in 

It's getting closer and closer. Mexico is an oil producer, too.

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