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Re: Theos-World fields - to Leon

Nov 17, 2002 03:53 AM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

Hi John and all of you,

So you have maybe never heard from the famous "duck" at Freiburg ?

It is romoured, that its astral-body has been seen near the Graveyards
(You see: The duck "quacked" some minutes before Freiburg by mistake at the
end of the WWII was bombed.
The duck had the skill, that it heard the bombers every time they were
coming in good time in advance, --- and then it quacked. And a lot of the
citizens at Freiburg was rescued by it. There is today a statue of the duck
in the Freiburg park-area. And not every mayor has such ! The duck it self,
you see, eager to help got hit by a bomb it self.)

And it is a true story.
Maybe that could teach that animals has ESP ?

M. Sufilight

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> Hmmm,
> Maybe this explains why I sometimes hear flocks of Ducks Quacking or
> quarking?
> And looking around no Ducks are to be found! Lol
> For Humours sake,
> John
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