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RE: Theos-World RE: Re: The Mahatma Letters

Nov 15, 2002 12:28 PM
by dalval14

Dear Laura:

This is such good advice. Nice hearing from you after a while.
Others will too.



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Dear Adelasie,
you wrote:
. Theosophists have important
work to do, and we can be effective, on inner planes and outer, but
we have to be in control of ourselves first. So along comes this
annoying stinging insect, and we get busy slapping at it, and forget
all about the fact that our survival is at stake.

One of Judge"s student (E. August Neresheimer) said about him:
Whatever question or problem arose he would view it starting with his
basic ideal of the spiritual unity of all things, the Self; sublime
harmony was contained in its comprehension, and a mode of adjustment
for everything found in its source..............He was
non-argumentative because he thought by argument no one could be
finally convinced "each has to hew out his own conviction".


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