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Brian/Brigitte lectures Wes on "true scholarship"!!

Nov 15, 2002 09:26 AM
by Daniel H. Caldwell

In regards to "true scholarship," why is it so hard for 
Brian/Brigitte to properly use quotation marks & actually cite the 
sources used?

Concerning Brian/Brigitte's post at:

how much of this post do you think B/B actually composed and wrote?

I wish B/B would learn to properly use quotation marks and ALSO cite 
the sources used ESPECIALLY when B/B lectures Wes on "true 

B/B does put in quotes one paragraph (more or less) from Peter 
Lamont. The rest of the text following this paragraph appears to be 
written by Brian/Brigitte. But this is NOT the case.

For those interested, compare B/B's above posting with the following 
two web pages:



It would appear that most of B/B's post was actually taken from 
material written by Peter Lamont. 

Even the books B/B advised Wes to read are taken from Lamont's 

Daniel H. Caldwell [aka Daniel C. Caldwell, P.H.] ;) ;)

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