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Re: Theos-World Re: Status of Indigenous Australians - Steve

Nov 14, 2002 06:26 PM
by Mic Forster

--- Steve Stubbs <> wrote:
> If we try 
> to make what she said look like something other than
> what it was for 
> the purpose of making it appear that she was right
> when we know that 
> she was not, we slip into the trap of intellectual
> dishonesty.


I agree completely. Although I am ever realising that
many things that were written by HPB are true but the
language that was employed by HPB has effectively
warranted the message redundant. This can be
particularly seen in the concept of races. Considering
the time when HPB was writing the term "race" would
have seemed apt but today there are many political
connotations that come with the word. I think it was
Bart who said that a race is not so much a race as in
an Anglo-Saxon sense, rather a race is a concept more
akin to culture. Such a definition would be more
favourable for our modern world-view. I know that the
"typical" Australian that you see on the street today
is very dissimilar to an Australian of, say, 30 years
ago. That culture (or you might also like to call it a
fashion trend etc) of 30 years ago has all but died
out but we nevertheless see traces of it every now and
again. Just something to think about.

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