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Re: Theos-World Status of Indigenous Australians

Nov 14, 2002 05:43 PM
by Bill Meredith

Harry Belafonte is a rich liberal black man. Surely you don't mean that he
is oppressed and not gonna take it anymore? If I had his money, I'd give
mine away.

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> --- In theos-talk@y..., Bart Lidofsky <bartl@s...> wrote:
> > Let's be more specific. He was sentenced for life because, in spite
> of
> > being jailed several times in the past, he refused to give up
> crime. He
> > knew damned well that if he got caught again in any crime, he would
> go
> > to jail for life.
> I will not dispute what you are saying, but you failed to address the
> key issue. He only went to jail for life because he was poor.
> Robert Downey is not going to jail for life. No movie star gets
> pinched for blowing so much coke up his nose that he completely wipes
> out his nasal membranes. G. Gordon Liddy ws in nine differet prisons
> and recently pronounced himself unrepentant. He is not going to jail
> for life. Winona Ryder is not going to jail at all. She thinks it
> is outrageous that she even had to appear in court, instead or
> playing around in her Porsche.
> My favorite writer, Anatole France, put is best:
> "The law forbids the rich as well as the poor to beg for pennies,
> sleep under bridges, and steal bread."
> Of course if one is rich there is no penalty for doing these things.
> There is hardly any way to get around this. The truth in it is self
> evident.
> You probably don't believe Tawana Brawley's story or that OJ Simpson
> should have gone free either, do you? You are stuck in the past,
> Bart. It is true that this might as well be Mississippi in 1949
> since so little has changed, but one thing has changed: the oppressed
> are not willing to take any more. It makes me nervous since as a
> white man I will be one of the objects of their wrath when they
> decide they want their freedom. But that they will eventually demand
> their freedom is exhilirating at the same time. It's going to take
> more than a house slave like Colin Powell or a token nlack like
> Condoleeza Rice to satisfy Harry Belafonte. There are going to have
> to be some meaningful changes. No more tokenism.
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