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Bhakti Ananda Goswami on Blavatsky, Bailey, Theosophy and Esoteric Tradition

Nov 14, 2002 06:36 AM
by Daniel H. Caldwell

Below are two quotes from Bhakti Ananda Goswami on Blavatsky, Bailey, 
Theosophy and Esoteric Tradition. These quotes show some of his 
views and background assumptions.

Daniel H. Caldwell

H. P. Blavatsky and the Theosophists and early Aryanists made Sri 
Lanka one of their world headquarters for exporting their militant 
atheism. Aryosophist esotericism in Britain and Germany became 
pervaded with Theravadin Buddhist thought. This 'Aryanism' doctrine 
of voidism and related moral relativism eventually became central to 
the conscienceless atrocities of the Third Reich. Theravadin 
Buddhist voidism has not been a benevolent force in history ! . . .

Thus wedded to imperialism and Aryosophic esotericism, global Aryanism
ultimately formed a network of oppressors who at the core were 
atheistic voidists with no moral absolutes at all. When I was in Sri 
Lanka in 1982, I personally heard Aryosophist Theosophists discussing 
the problems facing the Sinhalese 'Aryans' who were being threatened 
by the darker 'primitive' and inferior races of South India. Using 
various versions of the Theosophical root-races theory, the Sinhalese 
Buddhist Aryanists were determined to return the inferior Dravidians 
to their proper place as powerless laborers in an Aryanist Buddhist-
controlled state.
Quoted from:

. . . the existence of God or a specific 'God' cannot be proven 
except by a person's direct experience, but the existence of a major 
religion in history can be proven through numerous and 
interdisciplinary means. My work has always focused on real-world 
history, As presented by the evidence, not on some fantastic 
speculation of my own. I have always desired to be as objective as 
humanly possible, and thus to allow the evidence to 'speak for
itself'. Thus my work has never been like the fanciful or sentimental
writings of persons like H.P. Blavatsky, E. Levi, Joseph Smith, 
Spencer Lewis, Nicholas Notovitch, Szekely, A. Bailey, Edgar 
Cayce, Louis Jacolliot, P.N. Oak or any of the other popular 
Old 'esoteric' or newer 'new age' Aryosophists, channelers or fantasy-
as-history enthusiasts. I have never considered anyone of their ilk 
as authoritative and completely reject their work as a disservice to 
the Truth (God) and humanity. For decades I have fought to expose 
the plagiarism, fraud and inaccuracy of their bogus histories, 
concocted and redacted 'scriptures' and the lies and distortions and 
utter nonsense of their entire genre of fantasy-as-history
literature. I have even endured death threats and actual physical 
attacks from some of their fanatical followers because of my 
commitment to exposing the lies and distortions of these purveyors of 
fantasy as historical fact. I take the truth very seriously. So be 
assured that if I state that there is solid-real-world reason to 
believe that there is some connection between a Vedic 'God' and an 
Egyptian and Jewish one, there is. I totally reject 'channeling' 
or 'esoteric tradition' as sources for anything other than the
study of arrogant self-and-other deluding nonsense. In my research I 
have always and only used the best possible and non-controversial, 
academically accepted sources of evidence. I have strictly practiced 
proper scientific methodology in the collection, treatment and 
testing of my data.
Quoted from:

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