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Re: Theos-World Re: Does Brian/Brigitte consider HPB a "charlatan"?

Nov 14, 2002 06:32 AM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

Hi Steve and all of you,

Thanks Steve.
I enjoyed that.

M. Sufilight with a smile...

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Subject: Theos-World Re: Does Brian/Brigitte consider HPB a "charlatan"?

> --- In theos-talk@y..., "Daniel H. Caldwell" <comments@b...> wrote:
> > Steve, I don't know what exactly is added to the word "charlatan"
> by
> > affixing "mere vulgar" but your opinion appears to be contrary to
> > Brigitte/Brian's view that Blavatsky was a charlatan.
> There are numerous characters who were mere vulgar charlatans, some
> of whom are alive today, and their stuff contains very little
> intellectual content, since their aim was not to study anything but
> to gull people. So we have plenty of examples available for
> consideration of what charlatans produce. If you look at the theory
> of materialization in the SD and see how elegant it is, and if you
> look at the complex system of practices which were developed to demo
> this phenomenon, and thereby "prove" the validity of the principles
> (in the minds of the mahatmas) it is impossible in my mind to
> continue with the theory that these people were in the same class as
> the aforementioned charlatans.
> Yes, I think the words "mere" and "vulgar" both meaningfully modify
> the word "charlatan," and, no, I do not believe HPB was a charlanan.
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