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Nov 11, 2002 04:48 PM
by nama siva

Hello all,
iam new member to this group.but iam
already be a member of TS Adyar is my brief
intro duction.

Meditation_- visual images
-Dear friend,	
I am Namasivayam, born in 1954 in Madurai and
settled in Chennai,
Tamilnadu, India. Between the ages of 35-45. I have
suffered a lot due to various
illness. As advised by my cardiologist, I learned
Simplified kundalini yoga 
of Vedathri Maharishi. Now I have fully recovered
from all my illness through
practicing meditation.

During the course of meditation I have been
experiencing visual images
of Cosmic Travel. As suggested by my intuition I
have recorded about 300 images
with corresponding verses taken from the THIRUMANTHRAM

Here I am giving some images. I have discussed with
my co-meditators about this.
But most of them revealed that they have not been 
experienced such thing. I do not know
Whether Iam going to right direction or not.

pl. see my photos and offer your opinion

see also my web page

pl. visit

My Email Id:	

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