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What shall we do for our fellow...Mahatma?

Nov 11, 2002 03:16 PM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

Hi all of you,

I can only suggest, that people add some more ('of the 7 keys') value to the Upanishads. Since Theosophy doesn't differ so much from the teachings of the Upanishads - i.e. when correctly understood... - But as said it differs! (But it is not for all to really learn true Sanskrit.)

1. Some thoughts:

I got this excerpt by Blavatsky:
"And, because we refuse to accept the fallacies of some psycho-physiologists as the last word of science, do we furnish thereby a new proof that free will is an hallucination? We deride the animalistic idea. How far more scientific and logical, besides being as poetical as it is grand, is the teaching in the Kathopanishad, which, in a beautiful and descriptive metaphor, says that: "The senses are the horses, body is the chariot, mind (kama-manas)is the reins, and intellect (or free will) the charioteer." Verily, there is more exact science in the less important of the Upanishads, composed thousands of years ago, than in all the materialistic ravings of modern "physico-biology" and "psychophysiology" put together! " 
("Studies in Occultism" By H. P. Blavatsky; - the chapter on 'Psyhic and Noetic acton' ;
And this excerpt by Blavatsky:
"There is, and can be, no doubt that Vedanta and (exoteric) Buddhism do nothold your view, but ours. Moreover, one could scarcely dispute that Lord Buddha--whatever esoteric doctrine he may have taught--founded monasteries, or that he favoured and assisted in doing so. Whether he expected all his disciples to become Bodhisattvas may be doubtful, but he certainly pointed out the "happy life" of a Bhikshu as the road to salvation; he expressly abstained from teaching cosmology or any worldly science; he never meddled with the worldly affairs of men, but every assistance he rendered them was entirely restricted to showing them the road to deliverance from existence. And just the same with Vedanta. It prohibits any attachment to worldly views and interests, or enquiries after cosmology or evolution a fortiori socialism and any other world-improvement. All this Vedanta calls Agnana (Buddhism: Avidya), while Gnana or wisdom--the only aim of a sage (Gnani)--is but the striving for the realization of the eternal (true reality, Atma).(a) 

Answer (a). It depends on what you call Vedanta--whether the Dwaita, the Adwaita, or the Visishtadwaita. That we differ from all these, is no news, and I have spoken of it repeatedly. Yet in the esotericism of the Upanishads,when correctly understood, and our esotericism, there will not be found much difference. Nor have I ever disputed any of the facts about Buddha as now brought forward; although these are facts from only his exoteric biography. Nor has he invented or drawn from his inner consciousness the philosophyhe taught, but only the method of his rendering it. Buddhism being simply esoteric Bodhism taught before him secretly in the arcana of the Brahminical temples, contains, of course, more than one doctrine of which the Lord Buddha never spoke of in public. But this shows in no way that he did not teach them to his Arhats. Again, between "attachment to worldly views or interests" and the study of Cosmology, which is not "a worldly science" however,there is an abyss. One pertains to religious and philosophical asceticism,the other is necessary for the study of Occultism--which is not Buddhistic, but universal. Without the study of cosmogony and theogony which teach the hidden value of every force in Nature and their direct correspondence to,and relation with, the forces in man (or the principles) no occult psychophysics or knowledge of man as he truly is, is possible. No one is forced tostudy esoteric philosophy unless he likes it, nor has anyone ever confusedOccultism with Buddhism or Vedantism.--H.P.B."
("WHAT SHALL WE DO FOR OUR FELLOW-MEN?" Article by H. P. Blavatsky, oktober1889 ---

2. The following are just views - Feel free to agree or....disagree:

Sweet and good words are the best to use. The create peace and ease. But, when people talk about tough issues they often get a crowd. I mean no harm...

A word on the - to some - possible racism in the theosophical Mahatma Letters. I have to agree, that whenever the fearfull person hear talks about 'races' or 'rootraces' or the like - the issue racism comparatively easy comesto its mind. --- And especially when ones eyes meet with that 'strange' theosophical LOGO containing a .... a Swastika, whatever that is? Maybe a piece of Krupp Staal or just a few lines of drawing? 
The frightened ones are not in doubt.
And a magazine called 'Lucifer'. Oh dear - oh dear - were are we now?
You see Hitler Jugend was no joke - is was seroius stuff (or more precis evil business, and that was NO good, and should be avoided):

As long as Theosophy has teachings (on dead-letter print) on what to other and more frigthened people are a "special" teaching on races - there will be fear - and fear for, that theosophy will mislead children.

Today mind-manipulation is said to be out of the question in Theosophical or ordinary schools or at scout-meetings.
But is that really true ?
And the Racist propaganda  la J. Goebbels has that vanished from the childrens eyes on TV, PC-games etc...? Or is it just cleverly hidden today?

I do hope, that you all will understand, that only non-violence, peace, love, good deeds and the like really can be the path forward on this planet. 
We will for sure all of our small loyalities have to totally transcend our race, tribe, culture and nation - if we are going to have peace on this planet.
As long as Theosophy or MAIN Theosophical groups in their PR and tone of voice lacks being an example for others to follow - it will fail in its taskson the Wisdom teachings. The -dead-letter theosophical teachings will haveto be replaced by the 7 keys, mentioned by Blavatsky. ("The Secret Doctrine" by Blavatsky, vol1., p. 318-19)

Let Theosophy take care of their children with a high quality of historicalteachings in a most TRUE and proper sense of non-voilence. 
And let children be certain on, where they have you when the talk about sexuality and A-RYAN races comes around - then certainly no 'theosophical priest' named "W.C.Lumsy", his followers or the like will be relevant as a TRUEtheosophical teacher.


Feel free to do your best...

M. Sufilight with ... shall we say...high hopes...and a smile >:-)

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