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Re: Master KH on "God": Mahatma Letter No. 10

Nov 11, 2002 03:58 AM
by netemara888

I use quotation marks for two reasons only: I am quoting a passage, 
and/or make up some idiomatic term on the spot. Otherwise you are 
seeing things. smile.....I apologize for the fact that I was thinking 
aloud in my interest on the subject. And I was talking directly to 
Caldwell (and myself) and he knows the subject more intimately than 
both of us.

Okay, no hard feelings. 


-- In theos-talk@y..., "Steve Stubbs" <stevestubbs@y...> wrote:
> --- In theos-talk@y..., "netemara888" <netemara888@y...> wrote:
> > Again you misunderstand my essay.
> Obviously that is the reason I said I was not sure I understood. 
> you re-read your e-mail you will see why some of found it puzzling.
> Since you consider yourself to be so advanced, you might leave off 
> the quotation marks when you are not asking a question. A 
> mark at the end of a statement which is phrased to resemble a 
> question tends to confuse us lesser mortals.
> I am talking about Humanity and 
> > their lack of understanding. I am not talking about myself here. 
> Re-read my e-mail and you will see I said I lacked understanfing of 
> your question and was trying to politely address it, not that I 
> disputed your claims of superior knowledge.
> > physical or hatha yoga is not 
> > recommended at this time for enlightenment purposes--c'est tout.
> I do not do hatha yoga, preferring movement to static positions 
> exercising (and I HATE stretching), but there is no reason why 
> should not practice it if they wish. One must of coure use common 
> sense with hatha yoga, as many in India have not. Nut one can 
> oneself much more seriously with purely mental methods.
> > Enjoyed the story about Mahareshi. In the years I spent 
> I 
> > went to bed early and never saw a darn thing on late night TV.
> The commercial was shown during the day in the mid seventies, when 
> MMY was at his peak. I wish I had taped it. It was quite funny.
> I have 
> > been meditating for over 30 years.
> Well good for you. I started in the mid sixties about seven years 
> before you. Long enough to know that some things are more easily 
> done by the young than the more mature. Some of my teachers used 
> say that thirty years merely marked the beginning of serious study, 
> so I consider ,y starting date to be irrelevant and never bring it 
> or even think about it. We will all always be students, forever. 
> Even the Buddhas are still doing zazen.

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