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"So I don't care what Daniel C.Caldwell calls me. . . . "

Nov 08, 2002 09:25 AM
by Daniel H. Caldwell

Brian, you write amid ALL THE TEXT IN CAPS:

"So I don't care what Daniel C.Caldwell calls me, last week he called 
me 'jasmine.' Fact is my name is Brian, but never mind on-line you 
can call me anything you want, John or Max, or Brenda or Fritz or 
Joanne, whatever."

Brian, you insist that "Fact is my name is Brian." But we need only 
contrast what you say with what Bill Meredith wrote on Theos-Talk:

"I think most of us know that Brian and Brigitte are the same soul. 
The truth is that she acknowledged this several months ago on another 

Do you deny the truth of Bill Meredith's statements?

OBTW, it is very hard to read your posts when they contain paragraphs 
of text ALL IN CAPS. And I'm sure you are well aware that K. Paul 
Johnson frowned on this ALL CAPS practice.


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