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". . . Theosophy suggest[s] that a black skin is a curse . . . . " ???

Nov 01, 2002 11:58 AM
by Daniel H. Caldwell

It is quite interesting to read the following article just posted 
today [Nov. 1] on Brian/Brigitte's website: 

"Debate: Black and White, plus Australian Aborigines"

Unfortunately, it is an article which has far too many misleading and 
false statements. I guess some people are quite talented at doing 
things like this!! :)

Here is a wonderful statement by the editor (I assume this is 
Brian/Brigitte writing from Vienna):

"That both Mormonism and Theosophy suggest that a black skin is a 
curse for having sinned in the pre-existence (never mind Theosophists 
call it "karma") is an interesting corollary which requires
further research."

Leaving Mormonism aside, where is the text in Blavatsky's writings or 
in the Mahatma Letters that would lead a reasonable person to 
conclude that "a black skin is a curse for having sinned in the pre-
existence (never mind Theosophists call it 'karma')"? 

I can't wait for Brian/Brigitte to give us the proper citations to 
the texts! :) I know I shouldn't hold my breath in the meantime.


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