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The Racist "Mahatma Letter"...

Nov 01, 2002 10:44 AM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

Hi all of you,

The letter frequently referred to by Brian (not to confuse with "Brain"...>:-) a friendly joke ...) seems to be found at:
It dates the year 1882.

I have one important question to Caldwell and others. Do you know what the exact year was when this letter first was made public - for real ?

I claim this (i.e. not being 100% certain using the ESP):
This letter is NOT a Mahatma Letter in its original form, i.e. the form it was presented to A. P. Sinnett.
Someone - NOT a Master changed it or did rewrite the letter - and a someonehas even released it to official view.
(I.e. time as such has sort of changed the letters content of information.)
A view we experience today on the Internet via the above link.

Prove me wrong if you can !
Let us remember, that the Dugpas(i.e. Fake spiritualists) also can play with the magic fire.

Bacause the letter has been made official in the version it has with its - "careless" - remarks on races and sub-races, and because of later historical events - especially Hitlers Swastika and his and his friends deeds of evil - and their racist MASTERACE ("‹bermensch") theories, 
and because of the present Thesophical groups use of the Swastika, 
and because of a greater groups of theosophists being the followers of either C.W. Leadebeaters - clearly fake 6th subrace version in his book - "Man Whence how and Whither" - (not to mention A. Besants involvment).
OR certain Alice A. Bailey groups ("westernized aryan anti-global-view ") interpretation of the wisdom-tachings ---
then ---
true Theosophy - and the Ancient Wisdom Teachings of all ages have a problem today defending such a letter without being called racists or the like.

My knowledge about the masters make me seek to defend them here.
A true MASTER would have (to a certain degree a least) forseen these - racist - tendencies, issues and historical events AND secured - either - that the letter wasn't made public - so no misunderstandings would have ar(a)isen(I think Caldwell is right here RE-read the whole letter - using a spiritual sense of mind. But when read dead-letter - you get trouble.) - or the Master would have known that the letter would be made into a forgery - and then rested in peace !

My view is, this: The reason why H.P. Blavatsky didn't interfer on this letter being a fake was, that karma, time and circumstances didn't allow this to happen.

The whole idea about the Mahatma letters was this : 
The students of Theosophy should not believe - blindly - everything - everyone says about the Mahatmas and what is said, that They write in letters and What they do and What they say !!!
And that is the truth and nothing but the truth so God - ParaBrahman help you all.

Ponder on this: Has any magician ever changed ANY of the Mahatma letters after they was read the first time ? Has any Master changed one of them lateron in time and space ? Did he/she (or "it" or they) change the paper or the ink ?
Do we then REALLY know if they are REAL ?
My view is NO, not unlees we are recognized Chelas !

And please do use the '7 keys' which Blavatsky refers to, - if you can - while reading my letter(s).

All this talk about races.
And Martin Luther King Jr. who wanted us all to transcend our race, tribe, spiritual -and national narrowmindedness.
When will this happen ?

(PS.: Thanks to Master Morya for standing by my side...well I guess..>:-)) No spiritual 'Panama' channels here or perfumes - but just a joke.)

Take care ! This email could be a (spiritual) decoy...
Feel free to do your very best.

M. Sufilight with patience... 
and a brand new Mahatma Letter year 2002, date 1st november, hour GMT18:39...
and laughs...

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