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Law of Large Numbers

Apr 27, 2002 09:04 PM
by Mic Forster

The law of large numbers is an absolutely wonderful
concept. It plays on the fundamental ideas of reality:
is what we perceive to be real merely a phenomena
consisting of a large number of sub-phenomena that are
independent of the phenomena they are creating but,
simultaneously, absolutely fundamental to it?

Much like the sun appears as a perfect circle although
in reality it consists of many irregularities and
perturbations. The law of large numbers states that
the sum of all these irregularities produces

Now over and above this simple conceptualisation
consider the universe as a whole. It consists of a
large number of galaxies, nebulae and other matter. If
one could step outside of the universe at a distance
where the whole can be viewed without considerable
obstruction, would one be viewing a discernable shape
or some form of embodiment? Perhaps an entity, as
distinct as what we perceive an individual human being
to be, is what the universe is. We are merely like a
atom in an organism to this super universe-sized
entity. And, if our universe is such an entity, then
are there other similar entities that it interacts
with? Further, are these merely a clog in another
entity that is something much larger still than a
universe? As Annie Besant stated: 'as above, so
below'. Given such a statement, and the law of large
numbers, there is no reason to believe otherwise that
everything that exists is merely an irregularity that
interacts with other irregularities to create


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