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Re: Theos-World Titus

Apr 25, 2002 12:24 PM
by Ademm Indraka

Hello again Chuk , I thought this might be of some interest to you,

It is what remains unsaid that is most telling about the current 
order of things. Bohr rejected reality as an assumption he did not 
need, and could have readily under-scored his reasoning by citing 
Occam's Razor. In a similar manner, those discarding spirituality as 
irrelevant and unrealistic find it convenient to quote Occam's razor, 
which basically says that among all those explanations which account 
for the available facts, the simplest of them is likely to be the 
correct one. But there was something very simple about William of 
Occam himself, and his famous fourteenth century razor, which is 
concealed by anti-Catholic university professors: "Occam was a 
ferociously ascetic Franciscan, so ascetic he actually led a revolt 
in favour of poverty, when Pope John XXII threatened to end it as a 
monastical principle."149 Bohr noted that the opposite of a great 
truth is not falsehood, but another great truth --- complementarity. 
When insight is deep enough, it becomes its opposite. Out of the 
uncertainty and emptiness of science, spirituality materializes --- 
within the heart of mysticism ....the clarity of mathematical 
precision, the foundation of scientific imagination. Occam, like 
Cardano, discloses spirituality to be concealed within the core of 
modern materialistic thought, and the discovery of this unreality at 
the heart of things will not leave our materialistic age unshaken.

Ps Im not one to criticize , forgive me for the scar tactic.

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