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Universal truth

Apr 20, 2002 02:32 PM
by adelasie

I recently came across a couple quotes that seem to me to apply to 
theosophy (ancient wisdom) and to some of the dialog on this list 

"Every truth passes through three stages before it is recognized. In 
first it is ridiculed, in the second it is opposed, in the third it 
regarded as self-evident." -A.Schopenhauer 

> Those who know don't talk.
> Those who talk don't know.
> Close your mouth,
> block off your senses,
> blunt your sharpness,
> untie your knots,
> soften your glare,
> settle your dust.
> This is the primal identity.
> Be like the Tao.
> It can't be approached or withdrawn from,
> benefited or harmed,
> honored or brought into disgrace.
> It gives itself up continually.
> That is why it endures.
Tao Te Ching (by Lao-tzu, probably written in 
> the 
> 5th or 6th century B.C.E.)

For some of us these statements apply to and reflect all wisdom, all 
traditional teachings of truth and honor, the legacy and heritage of 
all humanity, no matter what name it is called. We spend a lot of 
time quibbling about what is real and what is not, what should be 
accepted and what not, who is right and who is wrong, but in the last 
analysis, each student, each person, has to find his way alone. What 
difference what we call that which reaches us, that which inspires 
us? And who has the right to denigrate anything that brings uplifting 
solace to any other? Who among us has all the answers, after all?


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