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RE: Theos-World universal unity

Apr 19, 2002 05:26 PM
by Mic Forster

The notion of absolute BE-NESS is both beautiful and
annoying. That we cannot ever fully grasp such a
concept is the cause of this beauty and vexation.
Nevertheless, we must have some idea of the concept
otherwise we could never think of it in the first
place. Imagine being stuck in a cave with musicians
your whole life to emerge one day and be asked to
think of a concept such as sport. Having never had any
experience with sport one would find it most difficult
to understand it. I presume that to have any idea one
would have to use analogies in music, if indeed one
could. Similarly to begin to understand this
"Absolute" I presume we would have to use analogies
with those concepts that we are most familiar with. 

Therefore I view the Absolute as a form of energy
which has no impurities, form or differentiation. It
is everything and nothing. Yet somehow form does arise
and once intiated it continues to differentiate then
integrate and so on until all potential forms that can
ever exist have been exhausted. There is never an end
to this as the potential is infinite. There is all
this potential energy that is turn into actual energy
and is manifested in forms such as trees, kangaroos
and humans. We are but one potential that has been
actualised. That MIND, that thinking thing that is not
the brain, is but another potential that has been
actualised. Everything I can see and feel around me is
nothing but a form of energy derived from the

Although these thoughts, in themselves, according to
what I have just stated, is but another form of
potential energy that has become actual and therefore
are probably nothing but an illusion.

--- wrote:
> Thursday, April 18, 2002
> Dear Mic:
> If you were a drop of water how would you identify
> yourself in an
> Ocean ? If you are a thinking MIND, then where can
> you locate
> the center from which you THINK ? I do not mean
> vaguely the
> "brain." I mean WHERE IS THE THINKER ho uses the
> brain and the
> body ?
> How can one atom distinguish itself (if it had
> consciousness)
> from another? Indeterminacy indicates some mind of
> individuality
> evening those extremely small items of substance?
> A puff of wind is made up of millions of molecules
> all moved by
> some common force. What identifies one puff from ay
> other ?
> Perhaps the wind knows.
> Tell me, how does anyone of us direct and control
> his present
> physical body? I known the details that physiology
> give. I am
> familiar with chemistry and physics. But none of
> these tells me
> why there is a difference between a living man and a
> dead one.
> So it comes down to defining vitality or life. What
> stand behind
> them and gives them direction and meaning? When our
> lives come
> to an end what happens? when at night we "fall"
> asleep, what
> happens? where does our consciousness go? And why
> does it not
> wake up in someone else's body?
> Unity is in a spiritual presence -- it gives meaning
> to the
> contrast of matter -- but have you looked into the
> 7-fold nature
> (or the "principles") of man?
> Let me offer you some quotes from theosophical
> sources -- there
> might be an answer
> Dallas
> ---------------------------------------------
> Although these are abstractions there is inherent in
> them a UNITY
> that makes them cohere.
> T H E A B S O L U T E
> U N I T Y
> "...there is one absolute Reality which antecedes
> all manifested,
> conditioned, being. This Infinite and Eternal
> Cause--dimly
> formulated in the "Unconscious" and
> "Unknowable" the
> rootless root of "all that was, is, or ever shall
> be." It is of
> course devoid of all attributes and is essentially
> without any
> relation to manifested, finite Being. It is
> "Be-ness" rather
> than Being (in Sanskrit, Sat), and is beyond all
> thought or
> speculation...Thus, then, the first fundamental
> axiom of the
> Secret Doctrine is this metaphysical ONE
> ABSOLUTE--BE-NESS--symbolized by finite intelligence
> as the
> theological trinity." Secret Doctrine I p. 14
> "Parabrahm (the One Reality, the Absolute) is the
> field of
> Absolute Consciousness, i.e., that Essence which is
> out of all
> relation to conditioned existence, and of which
> conscious
> existence is a conditioned symbol. But once that we
> pass in
> thought from this (to us) Absolute Negation, duality
> supervenes
> in the contrast of Spirit (or consciousness) and
> Matter, Subject
> and Object.
> Spirit (or Consciousness) and Matter are, however,
> to be
> regarded, not as independent realities, but as the
> two facets or
> aspects of the Absolute (Parabrahm), which
> constitute the basis
> of conditioned Being whether subjective or
> objective...precosmic
> root-substance (Mulaprakriti) is that aspect of the
> Absolute
> which underlies all the objective planes of Nature.
> Just as pre-Cosmic Ideation is the root of all
> individual
> consciousness, so pre-Cosmic Substance is the
> substratum of
> matter in the various grades of its differentiation.
> Hence is will be apparent that the contrast of these
> two aspects
> of the Absolute is essential to the existence of the
> "Manifested
> Universe."	Secret Doctrine I p. 15
> "...although the root of every atom individually and
> of every
> form collectively, is that 7th principle or the one
> Reality,
> still, in its manifested phenomenal and temporary
> appearance, it
> is no better than an evanescent illusion of our
> senses.
> In its absoluteness, the One Principle under its two
> aspects (of
> Parabrahm and Mulaprakriti) is sexless,
> unconditioned and
> eternal. Its periodical (manvantaric) emanation--or
> primal
> radiation--is also One, androgynous and phenomenally
> finite."
> S D I p. 18
> "...the Arhat secret doctrine on cosmogony, admits
> but of one
> absolute, indestructible, eternal, and uncreated
> UNCONSCIOUSNESS...of an "element"...absolutely
> independent of
> everything else in the universe; a something ever
> present or
> ubiquitous, a Presence which ever was, is, and will
> be, whether
> there is a God, gods, or none; whether there is a
> universe or no
> universe; existing during the eternal cycles of the
> Maha Yugs,
> during the Pralayas as during the periods of
> Manvantara: and
> this is SPACE, the field for the operation of the
> eternal Forces
> and natural Law, the basis...upon which take place
> the eternal
> intercorrelations of Akasa-Prakriti, guided by the
> unconscious
> regular pulsations of Sakti...the eternal energy of
> an eternal
> unconscious Law, say the Buddhists. Space
> then...the "Emptiness"
> is the nature of the Buddhist Absolute." HPB III
> 335
> "Space exists where there is nothing else, and must
> so exist
> whether the Universe is one absolute vacuum or a
> full
> Plenum...Space is what the ancients called the One
> invisible and
> unknown (now unknowable) Deity. "	Trans. 12
> "The absoluteness of the all-containing One essence,
> has to
> manifest itself equally in rest and activity."
> Trans 11
> The Absolute is "the eternal divine Consciousness." 
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