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Re: Theos-World Reg. Blavatsky 1

Apr 20, 2002 04:55 AM
by Bill Meredith

Bart please re-read my post. I think you will see that I established an
either/or condition concerning Brigitte being astronew2001. If astronew2001
is someone _other than_
Brigitte, hence the "If not....." then astronew2001 has very creatively
entered the historical fray by leaving just the right number of hints to
make everyone think of Brigitte.

As to the second part of your post. Who said I trust anything Brigitte
says? Or anything you say for that matter?


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Subject: Re: Theos-World Reg. Blavatsky 1

> Bill Meredith wrote:
> > If not, my hat's off to you. Your creativity is astounding.
> Changing email addresses? VERY common troll trick. Rather than looking
> at WHAT Brigitte did, consider WHY she did it. She was banned from a
> group, yet, she goes through subterfuge in order to keep posting the
> posts which got her thrown off in the first place. Now, how can you
> possibly trust ANYTHING she says?
> Bart Lidofsky
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