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Matrox 1.3

Apr 16, 2002 04:10 PM
by Ademm Indra Ka

The turn burns as the mind sees not through the fog One may ask all from one not to geed the mask One must ensure the kingdom of prodigy One may believe that one knows for in the one lies the many Don't quote the props All is considered a illusion How does one hold a grasp on what we were taught after the final accomplishment We were brought into a remembrance A virtue of mixed anomalies Mixed into discussions of providence A surreal nature of Sough not adversaries unknown to them selves and Pristine entities up held by my own controlled breath Not un heard of Moreover forgotten by the grace of experience To confess problems of dispersion known and not Onward inward to the vast mask of freedom One heres the insurance of vegetables Always showing time in time The black mark of evil is unheard of in the eyes of one As long as one forgets Not unlike the baby of innocence Beautify the interference of costly goods The conditions will be outshone for the lack or better of Tell tail coincidences with wounded pride In that of the vast masked Enter one's own Thrown to safety by those big blue eyes or maybe those individuals believed to appreciate the experiences We are just as informed as one on the level of design Fighting for your lives for fear that reality is in sight One sets the bounds set Immediately souring to realize That one has accomplished it Or maybe its just another one of those things best left alone Enter into a sound that will drive your tolerance short Lest it be the greases left behind to help the engine seize One will fight for control to make it worth the time spent Confide & count the ways taken 4 the rank of process Lead the mundane existence of after reality One will introduce all aspects of existence inside the all Tall tails of Time breaks Dimensions fold Existence will be herd.
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