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Re: Theos-World Moe and the volcano

Apr 10, 2002 07:18 PM
by Steve Stubbs

--- Larry F Kolts <> wrote:
> I wonder, Steve, if the fixation the ancient
> Israelites had with fire, be
> it volcanic or otherwise, then finds its way into
> Christian apocalyptic
> writings and into the mindset of modern Christian
> fundimentalists?

Yes, that was my contention. A lake of fire which is
defined as subterranean sounds a lot like the interior
of a volcano. By the time this metaphor made its way
into THE APOCALYPSE there had already arisen various
sects termed "Gnostic" which were not friendly to the
Jewish god. The fact that his realm was redefined as
the realm of the damned seems to me to have a definite
Gnostic flavor to it.

> The end of the world by fire, often now explained as
> a revelatory look to
> a future nuclear event, my more aptly be a look back
> to this possible
> volcanic destruction which cover much of that tribes
> known world and
> could easily translation into future world
> annihilation as they saw it.

Very intersting point. The Stoics (Greek) also
believed the world would be destroyed by fire, but
this suggests the Greeks also were inluenced by
volcanic destruction.

> It could also give more meaning to the idea of the
> "wicked" being cast
> into a "lake of fire and brimstone".

Yes, I agree. I suspect that is exactly what is

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