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Re: Theos-World Do you have royal blood? Maybe.

Apr 07, 2002 06:25 PM
by Steve Stubbs

--- Larry F Kolts <> wrote:
> That idea has more viability than you think.

I think it quite viable. (I was kidding when I said I
did not believe a word of it.) Mathematically it
seems almost necessary.

> I don't think that was meant to be world wide. The
> idea is that all
> Europeans share common ancesters.

Yes, as I said, I agree. The fellow who wrote the
ATLANTIC article is the one who said we are all
descended from Muhammad and Confucius. That seems
questionable to me, but it is likely we are all
desvended from everyone who lived in Europe in the
middle ages, assuming we have a European ancestry. In
theory you are also descended from King Arthur, Sir
Launcelot, and Merlin.

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